Going Places: Elsewhere Cafe Travel Thread

Going on a trip? Want tips from locals or others who’ve been there?
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I’ll get us started. I’m on a big train trip from Maine to Minnesota to Colorado and back.
This winter I spent 6 weeks traveling around Europe mainly on the rails so it made me want to check out our US options.
Amtrak is still pretty good. I far prefer it to flying (assuming one has the time), but their user interface for buying tickets is, in my opinion, a bit of a PITA. I found navigating the European ones in foreign languages a bit more user friendly.
Anyhoo, we’re using the US Rail Pass - 10 segments for $499 (to be used within 30 days of the first one being used). Seems like a real bargain, but has some limitations. If you’re considering something similar, let me know if you have any questions.

Saw a bunch of sandhill cranes in the fields today (MPLS to CHI). Wouldn’t see those from a plane!


Here’s where I am now:

It was a long train ride from Chicago, then a 2.5 hour drive.

The train ride from Denver to Grand Junction was one of the prettiest routes. From the train:

From the gondola in town - free public transportation up and over the mountain!


Pretty :hugs:


Please give us a report when you get back!


I’ve been across the USA three times and Canada once on the train. This was when I was a kid - before Amtrak - and I still remember it fondly. It’s a much more civilized way to travel.


I made a photo slide from some of my favorites of the semi-cross-country train trip. In no particular order.

Our land is so beautiful! And most people are so kind. Met so many really nice people on the trains.

Oh, and here’s a great one I got of T. Noel as we neared a station, retiring in 3 months.


I so want to do a train trip someday, but here in the US they’re priced and scheduled like a luxury cruise. I guess I should just start budgeting and planning now to do one a few years out.

So wild when people from other countries talk about their train trips compared to how it is here.


If you’re willing to travel coach, we did the whole thing on the USA Rail Pass, $499 each, and we had some segments left over.
Still not as great as Europe, but pretty affordable, compared to other travel modes.