Hackers breach Quora.com and steal password data for 100 million users


Oh, for fuck sake.


That’s the impetus to delete my fucking Quora account. It’s just not worth it and it’s long been clear that they don’t give a shit about security since they can’t be bothered to add two factor auth to their site.

I seem to get inundated with nothing but gun questions these days I’m my digest (I must have clicked on a gun story once and their algorithm decided that I must want to see all the fun posts in the world now), and their web site is user-hostile as hell basically forcing you into using their shitty app whenever possible.

(Like this shit that is uncloseable and blocks the entire site if you scroll to far through a thread without using the app)

So fuck 'em. There’s plenty of better communities out there.


Fucking Quora. I got an e-mail from them saying my account is among the breached. I didn’t even know I had an account.

I just went to log in long enough to delete it. I checked my passwords list, and nothing for Quora was there, so I figured I probably used Google to log in.

Open Quora in a browser tab. It serves me the French-language page, because it’s yet another non-Canadian company which doesn’t handle localisation and multilingualism well. Cool, I can read French well enough to click the “Sign in with Google” button.

Quora gets very excited that I signed in with a French page. I had to tell it twice that no, I do not want to add French to my list of used languages. I’m here to delete, not discouter.

Apparently I never set up topic preferences, and Quora will not let me continue until I choose at least 10. Hey Quora, ever heard of a Skip button? They’re awesome. It’s very obvious now this account barely ever existed and should have been cleaned out by Quora a loooong time ago.

After some thrashing around to find the settings page, I hit the delete link… only to be told I need to create an application-only password with Google before I can delete the account.

All this to delete an account I definitely haven’t used since… 2008? Maybe? I have a vague memory of trying to read Quora on Slate.com way back when and then giving up very quickly because it was so invasive.

I will complete the process, but yikes, this is a great way to show how not to treat users, especially after you’ve been hacked.

ETA: okay, deleted. Sweet FSM, it kept serving me the French page even after it knew who I was and knew I preferred English. Eeek.