Has it been another 2 years already? (5 Year anniversary)

I’ve discovered that I totally dropped the ball last year and didn’t even acknowledge the 4 year anniversary. This post confirms that I’m doing at least a marginally better job this year.

Today marks the fifth year since the majority of users have joined the site. A quick shout-out to @ChickieD and @tinoesroho for their invaluable contributions, and to everyone else for making this a worthwhile place to be.

I’m long overdue on posting statistics, so I’ll try to put something together later today that will be satisfactory. I’d also like to share my thoughts on the state of the site and start a discussion about where we might go next. More to come.


And a shout out to you, @LockeCJ for keeping the Elsewhere Cafe going. Also: five years? That simultaneously seems to have gone incredibly fast and (the past two or so years in particular) glacially slowly.


Thanks @LockeCJ for making this all possible.

It’s been so nice to have a safe place on the internet to post and share. In so many other spaces, I cannot really be open because I don’t know who is reading and the mods do not have the power to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable.


To five years! And another five more! :beers:

It truly has been amazing to have this space to hang out with all you wonderful folks. No matter how often or rarely I visit, I take comfort in knowing there are good friends enjoying and continuing this community. Though the paths we wander meander and differ, may here our friendships golden be found.



While I don’t come here nearly as much as I should, I’m glad this site exists and I appreciate the efforts of everybody that keeps the lights on. I know it can’t be easy.

I miss all of you at TOP but I’m glad to be able to reconnect with you all here.