Hellblade is an audio nightmare

I didn’t really have any understanding of this game, but now I want to play it.

PS4 & PC only. I have neither a PS4, nor a PC that can likely handle this. :frowning_face:


Drat! Seeing the title I hoped this was finally the audio equivalent of a “video game”. But I like binaural audio, so I’ll read it anyway.


Me too. That sounds quite interesting! Added to my Steam wishlist.

They exist. When I was big into sub simulators, I came across a review of Lonewolf (a sub simulator designed for the blind) that I found pretty amazing. It seems to rely upon a screen reader for speech (or at least it did - it requires Windows 95 or higher, so probably about 20 years old) rather than having recorded voices unfortunately, but the idea that I could still play sub simulators even if I lost my sight really made me happy.


I do have a PS4.

Not sure if I need (or possibly ought) to be playing a game that plays on paranoia and psychosis, especially in a realistic way, but I am intrigued.

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