Holy Crow! 3DS Sighax released!

The race to dump 3DS’s bios has come to an end at last, with today’s upload of sighax.

Originally dumped by derrek, Sighax is a permanent CFW that can be flashed via software (and never patched). This replaces 2015’s A9LHax as the pinnacle of 3DS homebrew hacking. Available to 3DS owners running 11.2 and lower, Sighax has an installer (beta) that theoretically allows permanent, sd-less alternative to A9LH.

A9LH works by hijacking the 3DS boot process and redirecting the firmware loading to one stored on the SD card rather than the flash memory onboard. Sighax will replace that firmware in the flash memory, shaving about 400ms off boot time.

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Not that I’ve ever even held a 3DS, but sweet.


Installation is pretty quick and easy.

A kernel exploit for 11.4 firmwares will drop sometime in the next week or so, enabling every 3DS owner to take permanent control of their devices.

Total installation time should take about fifteen minutes, in three parts:

Part 1: Obtaining Entrypoint
Part 2: Installing Boot9Strap
Part 3: Making CFW permanent

A complete guide from start to finish can be found at:

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