How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong

Jason’s reports are frequently fascinating to read. Consider this a sequel to:


John Oliver’s Most recent segment on the WWE could, with a few video clip changes, be applied to the Video Game industry:

I work in software development, and am frequently frustrated by opaque decisions made by management and a general lack of planning. Many companies in the Video Game industry make my company look like virtuosos by comparison.


Further Developments:

I’ll try to paraphrase:

When this happened the first time (Dragon Age: Inquisition), we were okay with it because the game sold well enough and was liked by critics. When it happened the second time (Mass Effect: Andromeda), we blamed it on that other studio and shut them down, but nothing of value was lost. When it happened for the third time in a row (Anthem), we were hoping that our BioWare Magic™ would make it so that nobody would notice. Unfortunately, you did. Everything was fine, though, until some uppity reporter decided to write it all down, and had the audacity to call out managers as though they are responsible for the projects they lead name managers and mention their job titles. We find that unacceptable. Also, on an unrelated note, we’re totally going to fix everything and make this a great place to work again, and we’ll hold you accountable when it doesn’t work.

It’s almost as if the industry isn’t very good at self-regulating, and could use some outside assistance:


You’d almost think that games development is just another poorly managed, poorly regulated industry that exploits its workers to make big money for the corner offices…


What? Couldn’t be!?!?