How to find a doctor? When you have special access and/or health needs?

I also have a list of “local” facilities in other counties.

Okay, I think I found someone-- not local, but probably doing primary care, and allowing online scheduling.

I probably should check a few things 1st, but I’m not sure what. Then switch my provider info 2nd, schedule an appointment 3rd, and try to sort out transportation 4th. Any suggestions?


For #4, try MetroAccess; they’re a door to door service, but I’m not sure if you’re in their area. Seems like you can book online, hopefully signing up is as easy.

I’m supposed to have transportation through my Medicaid plan, but haven’t gotten to that step yet.

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I scheduled a 1st appointment. For May 15th. My asthma meds run out in early April. My asthma hospitalizations have always been in late April. I also need to deal with the arm pain worsening since early February, the headaches, and the chronic illness.


On a trip years ago I realized I was out of prednisone, and went to a pharmacist in the area I was traveling and got an emergency supply. Perhaps you can get a pharmacist to do something similar?


My Walgreens will do a 3 day emergency prescription refill. I can’t recall if they have to phone it in to the doctor or not.


I have my 1st appointment on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble with the intake forms. Some don’t make sense. Some require information I don’t have. Some require information, I do have, but only leave 1 line when I need several pages, like for allergies. And requiring people to print out forms, and scrawl in answers seems sub-optimal, even if you have enough space for answers.

So far I think my best option is to type out a packet giving all the relevant replies.


I always write “See attached” on the space for medications, and bring in a printed page of them all. I’d guess you could do that for all of the items that don’t fit.


I’m typing everything up, and referring to the attached explanations.


Good luck.


Last week’s appointment went well. I got 2 of my prescriptions renewed, and referrals to 4 doctors for other conditions. I contacted my case manager to try to sort out who was in-network…

And haven’t heard back.

I couldn’t find an accessible way to contact the doctors’ offices and ask them. I think 2 of the 4 are in network, and 1 of the 2 who are in netowork isn’t taking new patients until January.

I have 9 days of meds for another prescription.


I have contacted my doctor about this, but don’t know what else to do.

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If you are near the pharmacy where it was filled last time, maybe they’d be willing to contact the doctor who prescribed it and get them to approve the refill?

I’m no longer in the same system.

P.S. Thank you for the suggestion, though. I’d previously seen a local ob/gyn for this, but she moved her office.

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P.S. So my case manager found another endocrinologist-- but she doesn’t do hrt for trans patients-- and a number of ob/gyns-- not sure yet. I’ve had 2 pain calls today, plus a ton of construction pain. I’m going to have to grind my head into more pain calls over the next few weeks. I hate pain calls.

It’s been 8 days since I contacted the 1st gynecologists’ office on my list. They promised to get back to me, probably by email. They still have not. I tried again 7 and 3 days ago.

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Time to move on to the next entry on the list?

Yes, and someone cancelled so I can get a 9:15 appointment on July 9th. This year, even.


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Oh, fun, Medicaid didn’t cover my 1st appointment last May. The one with my primary care provider. The one that both the manual and case manager said to schedule.

Now it’s possible that I missed some deadline and scheduled too late because I had to fight the gorram bureaucracy to schedule anything at all.

Or it’s possible that I was supposed to change my primary care provider before hand, my case manager said not to.