How to find a doctor? When you have special access and/or health needs?


I have been on Medicaid since February 1st. I have not found a doctor yet. I was mistakenly assigned a pediatrician who doesn’t work with older patients.

I have been going over the provider search so I can be reassigned.

I don’t know of any way to search for ones who may be more accessible, and/or may have more experience with chronic illness and/or sensory issues.

I still found one who notes work with asthma, specifically, which is a good sign, and one who works with concussion patients, specifically, which might be a better sign in terms of accessibility if not treatment.


My first suggestion would be word-of-mouth, if you have contacts within communities with similar issues to yours.

My second suggestion would be to ask one doctor for a referral to another.


Thank you. I don’t have any contacts or a doctor at the moment.


what city or metro area do you live in


Northern Virginia.


This might be helpful

CHCN locations

I know it says “uninsured,” not “Medicaid,” but I suspect they also serve Medicaid beneficiaries, and if they don’t, or if you live too far away, I’d bet they’d have other suggestions

My rule of thumb is “go where the other freaks and homeless people go” – if one can figure out where that is

in portland, oregon, that’s the Old Town Clinic downtown, for instance


Thanks, but none of them are local, and I’m not sure if any of them are accessible, or if none of them will cancel appointments, once I’ve arrived and signed in, and they see my disabilities, or are able to help if willing.

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I am still trying to find a doctor. It is hard because I am very sick, as well as disabled, so I need urgent care, as well as access to care, and can’t get either.

I have been struggling with awful right-side headaches, including right eye and ear pain, on and off for I don’t know how long. I thought these were just migraines but apparently the eye and ear pain point to cluster or “suicide” headaches. Oh, and if they are cluster or “suicide” headaches, I’m allergic to the main treatment.

I have Medicaid via Aetna. I was assigned a pediatrician as my primary care provider, she doesn’t work with patients my age, I have to find someone else. I have a list of doctors and their pain numbers, but I don’t know who else is misclassified, who will work as a primary care physician, who can work with my disabilities. I saw that one of these doctors had workd with concussion patients, and they often have similar neurological issues to mine. So she probably could work with my disabilities. But to begin with, I have to contact her by pain. And after 9 times friday, and 6 times today, I am no closer to getting through. aa aa aa aa aa aa goes the busy signal. I hate making pain calls, which trigger my headaches, during my headaches, worsening my headaches.

How the fuck am I supposed to get through this?


It sounds like you need someone to advocate for you in the system. I wonder if there is a local organization that might provide this kind of support.


How would I find one, and how would I find if they are accessible?


Check out community services for your area; counties in your area should have them, I think.

For example, for Arlington county, I think this is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

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Thank you.

“We are sorry, your search did not return any results.”

I can’t navigate the site, and couldn’t find anything helpful there, but I did send them a note about 4 accessibility problems with the site. (Overlapping text, flashing menus, sticky elements, and zooming captchas. I later encountered a menu which stretched off the screen.)


There must be other ways to track down what you need. How about clergy of one sort or another?


This is a good idea. My temple used to offer a lot of these kinds of services to anyone who asked. They had a social worker on staff who could connect people to services, too. They’d be a good starting point - even if you aren’t involved with the organization.


Or the local JCC.

JCC? body seems unclear

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Okay, so there is no local JCC.

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I am feeling better than yesterday. But I still haven’t heard back from my case manager. Asthma meds running low.

Checking online, I’m not sure things are working:

“Please contact pain number if you need help, such as with our insistence on pain calls for problems such as our insistence on pain calls…” always seemed senselessly cruel to me, but seems more and more so the more I try to make the pain calls and the more I get sick from them.

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I’m sorry – @ChickieD’s comment

triggered JCC in my head instead of the full name. It’s commonly called that.