Hurricane Irma thread

I thought I’d start this thread so those of us who are in the path of Irma can give some reports on what’s happening.

At this point, the entire state of GA is under a state of Emergency.

Personally speaking, my whole family is home bound tomorrow. My school and my daughter’s school are closed (my school is closed Tuesday as well) and my better half is working from home (unless the power is out, of course). We’re pretty much expecting a bad storm starting early in the morning, and we are thinking the power will go out more than likely. If that happens, I won’t be able to post an update. For people who are interested in how it’s going in GA, in that case, I’d suggest either the Atlanta public radio (WABE, who I linked to above) or the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for updates.

Any other ATLiens want to weigh in? @noahdjango? Any Floridians or Carolinians in the house?


A Florida Twitter acquaintance of mine was tweeting from home yesterday – she couldn’t afford to evacuate, so her and her husband just boarded everything up and hunkered down. I haven’t seen her on-line today. I hope that just means their power is out.

Take care.


The folks I know in FL (on the east coast) are now proud of “knowing better than” the forecasters who were predicting this to possibly head north along the coast, unfortunately.

Small comfort to those who did end up being hit, but on the bright side it does seem to be down to a cat 2 and is hovering well over land rather than charging north along the water. Here’s hoping it continues to degrade.


yeah, ATLien checking in. I brought in all my chairs and flip flops etc off the front and back porch and weighed a few things down that I couldn’t bring in yesterday evening. it’s almost noon today and no strong winds yet, not much above a strong drizzle. Nothing unusual at all, thankfully. The doppler radar is on tv right now, all the red areas are dissipating pretty rapidly, I don’t think any red is going to reach this far north. Last Monday was Labor Day and Fulton County is shut down today so that’s two weeks without curbside recycling, and the Monday before that I didn’t get it out in time. So, mad inconvenienced over here. /s

had the day off anyway. just loungin’, son


Stay safe everyone! This is an amazing storm.

By request, I recorded this meditation for drawing on the energies of the fire and water (the request was by a woman in the way of the LaTuna fires) to aid transformation.


Have family in Miami and the biggest thing they are worrying about now is no power. My wife’s son is a cop down there and he texted her today saying they are working 12 hour shifts, no days off until further notice. They are going to get lots of OT though. I’m in Tennessee and we are expecting lots of rain.


Just, FYI, here in GA, power is still down in many areas, including where I live. Hopefully, the power will be restored soon, but no damage to my house at least.