HVAC installer finds hideout, possibly for the Lottery Killer

Makes me wonder how often this sort of thing is missed…or found.


Judging by the suggested videos on YouTube, about every other day. :grin:

Sometimes a person just wants a place to hang out.


I’ve seen a grow room built into a void space like that, but never a cell. Wow.

There is a space in our house that was drywalled up for about 15 years. It was a weird bump on the rectangle of the kitchen that used to have a washer and dryer, and we decided it would eventually become a large shower. The second part of the plan is yet to be completed, but there is a door now at least, and we’re getting closer to having a huge shower. The trick is to do it without debt.

While it was drywalled up, we called it “the grandma room” but that’s not the sort of joke you can say to most people. So touchy. :ghost: