I Need an App

I’m looking for an RSS feed reader for IOS that isn’t captured by some walled garden, and is unlikely to be malware or a vector for it.

Any ideas?

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I don’t know if there is some reason why it might be bad, but I’ve had a good experience with feedly


I’ve used Feeddler Pro for many years now. I’ve found it to be decent. Very configurable, and works with several RSS services (I use it with The Old Reader).

RSS readers are kind of a wasteland on iOS, and I’ve tried them all. It’s the best of a pretty lousy selection.

There’s a ad supported free version with some limited functionality, but the paid version is only $5.


I’ve used Reeder for years. It supports all the major providers but also supports icloud sync for no lock-in and is extremely well put together. It also just added mastodon support and is an editor’s choice. Collects no data. Highly recommended.


Thank you everyone, I’ll try all of these and return in a few weeks with how well they work for me.

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Thanks for reminding me of Reeder. It is pretty good too and a lot more polished than Feeddler. I mostly stick with Feeddler because of some aesthetic/usability things that I’m not a fan of in Reeder. Either is a good choice, though. I believe both have free versions you can try as well.


I have used feedly(as mentioned upthread) for some years and am a paid customer, although I can’t say I’m particularly taking advantage of the features unlocked via payment.

If you are of the self-hosted/homelab persuasion, then FreshRSS may be a solid contender for feed aggregation. There are a number of third-party clients that can be used with it, some of iOS, including Reeder which was mentioned upthread as well. LinuxServer.io provides pre-built container images if you want to host it the easy way.

Honestly, something thats “hosts” just on a drive and by extension on icloud is all I can really deal with.

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