I Wrote A User Manual For A Game - And Here It Is

I may or may not have written pieces about my time in FOnline: Reloaded at this fine society. No greater hive of scum and villainy exists on the internet, a perfect microcosm of post-apocalyptia formed in a collective unconsciousness. Imagine Fallout 2, except all the NPCs are players. There’s tribes, clans, alliances, intrigue, back-stabbing, all in a game client descended from 90s CRPGs.

I played for one such clan, Red Death. In-universe, descendants of a Canadian Resistance force (or mercenaries inspired by the exploits of such, depending on who you ask). As the leader, I was responsible for arming, training, and equipping players in-game and with tools to excel at the game.

The Red Death Guide was a project I started one weekend, never fully completed, but released it anyway.

Enjoy a mix of fiction, instruction manual, and humor.


This looks really good - and it looks like just my kind of game. I wish I had time for that kind of thing these days…