Idiot Remaining GamerGate Goblin Rabble Stan Game By Gator

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There is a spectre haunting GamerGate, the spectre of just due. The vile internet hate mob that preceded (morphed into, even) a moribundly moronic mob of kekistani/White Supremacist Trumpists, has mobilized in defense of one Daniel Vavra and his studio’s game: Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Be it known that the gators are out. Every comment section online is filled with them. Some of the gators still push ancient incel agitprop in the same breath they cry editorial bias. Remember: gators are a vile hate mob that care nothing for ethics.

In terms of technical achievement, KD:C has achieved a remarkably deep combat system. A pity, then, that it is a bug-ridden mess that freezes if you stray from the expected path. The 16 km² section of Bohemia is mostly faithful recreation, with some liberties taken for gameplay purposes.

If only it had more development time. If only it weren’t the work of a Gator.

Oh well, at least we have Mount & Blade.

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo met Vavra in 2015 and wrote about it:


In that case, it’s even funnier that it could be bought at launch for $0.06