If you are stuck between zero and one. (Motivation)

Zefrank - An Invocation for Beginnings

There are many reason to feel stuck in your current situation or feel there is no path to where you would like to go.
A couple of years ago I was facing such a dilemma and was in a really really dark place. I stumbled on this guy Zefrank. I don’t care for typical motivational stuff. [insert eyeroll] But his videos are kind of the punk rock version of motivational speaking. Rather than being all mr perfect and saying be like me to be happy. He is openly, nakedly honest about his flaws, failings and demons. And with beautifully crafted words lets us in his world and shares what has worked for him and also is honest when he just doesn’t know what to do.

Hopefully some of the videos below are of help to someone out there that feels lost, alone or just doesn’t know what to do next.

This was the first video I saw of his. It makes me cry every time I watch it but afterwards I always feel better. I think there is a bit of something for every one in this one.

Here are some more that helped me.

How Do You Calm The Monsters?


Getting Better (Suicide)

Be Brave (Telling people something difficult)


I have the Invocation for Beginnings poster print hanging in my bathroom to look at ever morning.


That’s beautiful. I will purchase as soon as I have a place to myself.


Thanks for sharing this, these are great. You’re absolutely right that it’s not your typical motivational speech. From the couple that I watched, it definitely seemed like this guy not only has been there, but actually is there, and talking from the inside. That’s a big difference.


Yes, this. I think the problem most of us have with typical motivation stuff is that it is unrealistic or fake. Where as Zfrank acknowledges what we all already knew - getting better and moving forward is difficult and messy business and there are no quick fixes. And then with that in mind looks for how to make little steps out of the jungle. It works for me.