Impeach all the motherfuckers!

It’s not just the Resident we can get rid of, it’s every appointed criminal. So flip the Senate plz.


Perjury. Probably some bribe shit too—he is what he is:

Nothing here has changed:

It’s perhaps even more pertinent right now, with the bullshit around the Supreme Court. Don’t expect them to live up to their words, and don’t expect them to expect to be held accountable.

Trump just highlights what was already there. This was written back in 2007, more than an entire term before he crashed into the room and threw everything onto the floor.

Shame will not sway them. Pointing out their hypocrisy is pointless. They don’t care. All you can do with the shameless is put them in a position where they have no power to harm.


It’s called prison.


No need to stop there…


Call eternity “indefinite detention in solitary”.

Yes, and never let anyone forget they were impeached…and then have them removed or force them through psychological means necessary to resign.

I’m still for dosing them with hallucinogens.

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Trump and Pence suffer under the delusion that they are owed a second chance at a first term-- with no threats of impeachment, a compliant press, a bureacracy with no other loyalty but to the president, and a loyal judiciary-- a free hand to govern.

And because they are owed this do-over, the vote this November is a formality to be ignored or actively thwarted. The job of 2020-2024 will be dedicated to convincing the voters that Trump deserves to be reelected for a real second term in 2024.

Think of the first trump administration as a mulligan.