Insurance questions

I’m curious how other people do insurance and whether what I’m doing makes sense.

I have good life insurance through work, (3 years salary +2 I’m paying for) plus AD&D and Aflac that I’m paying for (whatever Aflac’s good for - I still don’t really understand it).

My credit union has a deal with an insurance company, and sends out offers for life insurance and AD&D. I’ve taken them up on them (about 1 year’s salary each), so in case I lose my job I still have some insurance.

I guess I just don’t know whether this is normal. The job-based insurance is better, but I feel I also need the bank-based insurance in case I lose my job.

What do ya’ll do? Do you just rely on job-based insurance and cross your fingers that you’ll still have the job if/when it comes up? Or do you also get insurance outside the current job?

I feel like I’m taking out insurance against insurance not being there. But I’m not convinced that’s a bad idea.

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My credit union offers it, too. I took it, since it’s like a buck forty a month. And yeah, job loss.