It can and is happening here

It’s depressingly true.

One poll came out at the weekend which indicated that 24% of voters sampled could see themselves voting for “A party on the political far-right, committed to opposing Islamism and immigration and supporting Brexit”

The scariest thing about this is that I’m barely even surprised any more. Less than half of those who voted for the conservatives at the last election say they’d be unlikely to vote for the far right, and more brexiters would vote for than oppose.

Brexit has so poisoned political debate in the UK that people are asking this in all seriousness, and they’re getting these answers.

Oh, and with excellent timing, this happens:

Link to full polling documents [pdf]. The question cited is on page 8.


It is, I suppose, a good time to re-learn this song.


Not knowing this song, my brain automatically tried to use the tune for “Juke Box Hero” for “Peat Bog Soldiers”

Not wholly successful, but with some creative rewrites, I think we can make it work.


But to the topic at hand, I am depressed by the general apathy I see in the people I work with.

These are largely well educated people. A depressing number do not watch any news outside of perhaps some of the local broadcasts. The only thing that would motivate them is if their 401k tanked.

Most will agree that 45 is a shambling fool,but just shrug it off because they don’t feel that they are directly affected.


Even the so-called liberals I know are like this.

They don’t like Trump, but not because of anything his administration has done or anything his followers believe, but because he’s Rah Rah Team Red and they’re Rah Rah Team Blue. They would feel the same about Trump as they would about a President Kasich or Romney or Jeb Bush. They haven’t fully grasped how singularly awful Trump’s policies are, because these policies affect them not at all.


It’s sort of remarkable how well they’re able to achieve the goal they’ve laid out by insulating the white middle class from nearly any negative effects of their policies. The $12 billion in ag subsidies aren’t really even to keep farmers voting Trump - they’re to make sure white suburbanites don’t see too much increase at the grocery store.