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I’d like to volunteer. this isn’t a “your baby is ugly” sorta post. it’s just kinda, well, stuff i do for a day job :slight_smile:

a couple things:

  • feels like redis might be thrashing
  • postgres might also be having a hard time. i’m not a psql guru (i am on other db’s), but i assume there is the equivalent of a slow query log
  • dns resolution isn’t great

and we can do this via group pm, but things i’m interested in are:

  • top output, both outside and inside the docker container
  • where are assets actually located? i may be able to get a close friend at akamai to donate some cdn capacity (or just set up my own)
  • please tell me the docker image is running on an instance with multiple cores and more than the minimum amount of mem.

as always, i am easy to find., and the first jeremy pickett on linkedin. phone number available if i get a PM.


Short answer: This is running on pretty much the bare minimum, as per Discourse docs.

Longer answer: I’ll try to give more details tonight.

I wanted to get something in place as quickly as possible, before any sort of migration became more difficult.

Also, thank you for the kind offer. I am no island.


kk. i can spin up a 2-4 core 16.06 image with tons of memory on a moments notice, and give you the ssh keys.


i can help, time allowing, with anything technical as well. i spend most of my days neck deep in this kind of stuff. :slight_smile:


I can peek over everyone shoulders and point and gawk.

Look…someone has to set the standards and manage end user hardware and software.


Hey, that’s at least as good as some of the computer science students with which I worked! Come to think of it, some of them couldn’t put in that much effort.

(Admittedly, if you’re up to using gawk, that’s even better … Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)


fyi, your email address is just hanging out there for all to see. I logged off, still perfectly legible.


I’m always concerned about too many cooks in the kitchen, @LockeCJ - but if you need an extra hand on the system side, just holler. We probably want to have a few trusted folks with privileged access to the underlying system in case you go on walkabout for a few months or just get burned out.


I’m just thinking @LockeCJ said early on (I can’t remember if here or the other place) he didn’t want to be on the hook for any of this opportunity/problem beyond getting something set up quickly.

@LockeCJ, I don’t know if that’s changed, but I hope you’re not getting roped into anything …


The BBS currently isn’t showing who replies are directed toward. Is there an easy fix for this?


Can confirm this occurs on both themes, on desktop and mobile.


I’ve seen it show the reply target, but only occasionally. Not entirely sure on the logic…

[edit] ok, it looks like it may only show the reply target if your reply isn’t directly after the post you’re replying to?


test. (I think @Nonentity is correct.) The behavior was the same on “the old” BBS.


Any way we could get that functionality working?

I’m not sure if it’s hardcoded into Discourse but once you have enough people in a thread, it gets difficult to see who is replying to whom.


It is working. See above.

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Only for replies to a first level reply. Reply nesting is not functioning as it should.

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“Working” to a given value but the fact I am replying to you isn’t immediately obvious, unless I @ you in.

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I didn’t see the nesting case yet. Good to know.

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@tinoesroho jumped in there but my point still stands.

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Perhaps it would have been a clearer point if you had made that a nested reply.

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