JerryRigEverything is a delightful geek channel

If you’ve ever wondered what OIS is, and what it does, you may have stumbled on one of JerryRigEverything’s videos. With very professional editing (and sound design), each video is a wonderful little informative adventure.

One of his latest videos covers the iPhone 8+ and iPhone X:

Go on, give his channel a look- you never know what you’ll learn. And hey, if you like seeing technology surgically dissected, it’ll be twice as fun.


It’s jury rig. This is not negotiable or debatable.

(I just checked. His name is not Jerry. He has no excuse.)


“Jury rig” is a time-honoured seaman’s term (still in use) describing a temporary or makeshift repair. It does not necessarily mean shoddy or poorly done—some recognized techniques are quite elegant. Probably “hack” would be close to a modern equivalent.

“Jerry-built”, on the other hand, always means shoddy. I always thought it had to do with post-WW2 buildings thrown up in a hurry to replace structures bombed by the Germans (Jerry), but apparently it was in use in the 19th century.

“Jerry-rigged” is an unfortunate mashup of the two.


@tinoesroho, through the magic of pedantic dickery I may have derailed a pretty interesting thread. My apologies.

Check out the channel, everyone. The guy actually is informative and entertaining.