Jumping Through Hoops Wrapped with Blazing Red Tape

Have a tale to tell about a recent or past experience with the Bureaucracy of your choice? Feel free to share it here!


I’m going to be dealing with another state agency soon - Michigan Rehabilitation Services! NO, they’re not rehabbing me; they’re going to “help” me find a job. If I can even get to the office, I expect, after I complete the online orientation and not print out the things I need to print out (sidebar: anyone know why a printer won’t suck in paper anymore? although the instructions I glanced at includes the phrase "if possible, so…).

Bear in mind this is the same agency that helped my son get a job at Walmart, although Jewish Vocational Services had a hand in that as well.


“At any time during the application process, you may complete an MRS application.” - MIND BLOWN.


That just reeks of technical writer despair.

A tech writer friend of mine came across an online version of the Ford Model T owner’s manual. She was curious to see how technical writing had changed over the last century or so, until she came across this: “Your Model T can climb any climbable grade.”

Then she realised nothing ever changes.


My recent bureaucratic squib:

HR: you need to fill this form out and return it to us.

Me: what do these codes mean?

HR: we can’t advise you on those, you’ll have to call the insurance company

[Months slide by because forms and bureaucraat terrify me, and in my defence it’s been a shitty busy year at work]

Me: hi insurance company, I need to know which of these codes to pick

Insurance company: why don’t you pick the one already in use for this other thing? That way they’ll be consistent – unless you need to change both of them? Either way I can walk you through.

Me: um, no, that makes sense. Thank you!

That was Monday. Still haven’t handed the damn things in yet because I haven’t had a chance to fill them out. Alternating between running as fast as I can to meetings and typing as fast as I can otherwise. It’s 11pm here and I’m procrastinating on an email right now.



No. No. No. You are reading it wrong.

Here MRS does not stand for Michigan Rehab Service, but is should be Mrs. They want you to get married and be an SEP.