Konami's (not-so-secret) gem of a game: Love Plus

On mobile and vety drowsy, so tonight’s post oddity is a short one, that also ties into the next episode of EscapeRoom.

** Love Plus: A VN / Sim with cult following **

You’ve read headlines like this: Man Marries Game Character. Or maybe only really wierd headlines like “She goes or I do!” Girlfriend’s Ultimatum over Dating Sim.

Thr game that prompted that, of course, was Konami’s Love Plus. Released in 2009 for Nintendo DS, it had a real-time clock feature, voice recognition, and a robust dialogue system that resulted in menorable dates and genuine attachment. Konami never released it in the west, though it recieved a fan translation in 2011.

In Love Plus, you play as a male high school student recently transferred into a Tokyo high school. During the course of your final semester, you can grow close to four different girls - and ask one out.

The game shines after thr credits roll, which is when the Real Time Love mode kicks in. You can then schedule dates, exchange messages, or even call (with voice-recognition) your waifu.

I played it over a fourteen day period. The call feature is impossible for non-Japanese speakers, but what I did play was well-polished and enjoyable. For the record, I’m on team Nene. :3


Is William Gibson’s Idoru (1996) the first example of this idea? (In that case a synthetic pop star.)