Let's Play A Game

I will start:

Clue. Keep Madeline Kahn (because Tim Curry is an (honorary) Muppet).

To go further:

Kermit as Mr. Green. Miss Piggy as Mrs. Peacock. Gonzo as Professor Plum. Sam would make a decent Col. Mustard.


since it’s on my mind from my recent post at TOP,

Better Off Dead:

John Cusak: Kermit
French girlfriend: Ms. Piggy (get it? Francais?)
ex-girlfriend: Janice
weird druggie friend: Gonzo
drag-race rivals: Honeydew and Beaker
asshole boss: Sweetums
David Ogden Stiers (dad): Sam the Eagle
cameo “that’s a waste of a perfectly good white boy!” : Rowlf (ETA could totally be Zoot, too, or Dr. Teeth)
I’ll keep Diane Weist as the mom since I can’t think of a good muppet for the role.


Dungeons and Dragons (2000). Keep Jeremy Irons.

Sure, it would be complete chaos. But I think it’s got promise…


“Forbidden Planet”. Keep…oh, Leslie Nielsen.
Dr. Moebius - Bunsen Honeydew
Alta - Janis
Robby the Robot - Beaker
Lt. “Doc” Ostrow - Kermit the Frog
Lt. Jerry Farman - Fozzie Bear
Chief Quinn - Scooter
Cook - The Swedish Chef OR Animal
Id Monster - Animal OR Sweetums

That’s just the most visible cast, btw. And I’m sick of Miss Piggy.

OH - are “Sesame Street” Muppets allowed? I mean, that really expands the playing field. And I move that Pepe the stupid fucking shrimp or whatever he is not be permitted for use in this game.

(i wuz gonna do “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, but i didn’t feel like thinkin’ that much)


Die Hard

Role Muppet-Actor
John McClane Gonzo
Holly Gennaro McClane Camila the Chicken
Sgt. Al Powell Rowlf Fozzie
Dwayne T. Robinson Sam the Eagle
Argyle Scooter
Ellis Floyd Pepper
Hans Gruber Alan Rickman

Had to avoid frog and pig as they are always tossed in as leads.


You made a fancyschmancy chart! I LOVE the whole thing, lol!

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12 Angry Men (1957)

Keep Jack Klugman as Juror 7

Rowlf as Juror 1
Statler as Juror 2
Waldorf as Juror 3
Dr. Teeth as Juror 4
Floyd Pepper as Juror 5
Scooter as Juror 6
Kermit as Juror 8
Lew Zealand as Juror 9
Swedish Chef as Juror 10
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as Juror 11
Beaker as Juror 12


oh, and the “two dollars” kid should probably be Animal. what’s the name of the crazy guy that blows stuff up? maybe that guy. if we go new-school, the king prawn character would be good.


ok, I think I’ve hammered out another one

Gilda (1946)

Gilda: Piggy is a perfect match
Johnny: Zoot in his only starring role
Ballin (knife-in-walking-stick guy): Sam the Eagle (really should be one of the skeksis)
Uncle Pio (washroom attendant): Fozzie
Police Detective: Kermit
We’ll-get-an-annulment-then-get-married guy: Scooter


Legend (1985).
Kermit and Piggy as the leads, of course. And keep Curry. Just think of the image of Piggy dancing and spinning around in the goth ballgown as Curry’s Darkness looks on… :smiley:
Fozzie as Gump?
Gonzo as Oona? Or as Meg, I suppose, but putting him in the fairy getup sounds funnier.
Bunsen and Beaker as Screwball and Brown Tom?