Lines on a map

I saw this interesting little info graphic online today.

You can see the outlines of history in the maps of election results.


I was just thinking about this today, that the roots of society don’t go that deep here in the U.S., not even in the deep South, though it approaches it there. Which is why the bigots here are the kind of delusional dreamers that dream up the racist, nationalist taglines used in the fascist revolutions abroad, but broadly become punchlines and punching bags when the international fascists try to re-import that shit back here. “Sorry guys but we have seen that shit before, going back a long way. Sometimes it’s in fashion, but right now it still ain’t. And we’re not buying.”


I say this from the point of view that the American bigots are shooting the entire wad of what they are willing to do here to further a fascist agenda:

  • the money their billionaire cadre are willing to spend,

  • the conflicts of interest their fifth-column officials are willing to allow to be public knowledge,

  • the journalism they’re willing to Streisand in their attempts to suppress that public knowledge,

  • the suicide shooters they unleash on the families and neighbors of their footsoldiers,

  • The failure of their supporting private enterprises. As their management becomes unable to keep corruption and mismanagement from leaking in from the parent political movements, their business culture will not be able to withstand even the friendly competition of their close rivals.