Looking for Hats

So I’m looking for a snap-back hat.

I want a bill to help shield my eyes from flashing from above. I hope it helps with light coming through trees, maybe traffic ights, maybe flourescents, etc.

I don’t want a full brim because I don’t want it to get in the way of my ear protectors.

I also want a snap-back to help keep my hair out of the way when I’m tying masks. I can’t use elastic masks or elastic hair ties.

I figure something about disability and/or disability rights might help explain things. I checked Asan, they don’t sell hets, not sure where else to look. I also tried redbubble, zazzle, etc. but can’t navigate those sites, and don’t know how ethiccal they are.

Any suggestions?


I can’t speak on the accessibility issues, but I’ve ordered things from Redbubble before. I’ve not been super impressed with the durability of screen printing (on shirts at least) but it’s a reputable site.

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I’m not sure what you are describing, but…

There can only be one!

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Sorry, can’t navigate that site either, with all the animation.

I’m looking for a basic snapback hat, such as a baseball hat or trucker cap, to help shield my eyes against some of the flashing lights everywhere.

for me, it’s Lock Hatters – inventers of the bowler, and in business since the 1700s. their hats are expensive (for me), but they are gorgeous:

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P.S. Not disability-related but also considering:

This has animations, too. It’s the the oldest hat retailer in the US of A!

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So I heard back from Redbubble and they don’t do accessibility.

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