Love in the Time of Corvid-19

Are you sure that’s what it is?


Russian numbers have a whiff of poop about them.


The flu is what it feels like, but who knows. Testing for Covid19 is not easy to get, and I’m not having shortness of breath so local authorities probably wouldn’t give me one. And I’m not sure I need the extra stress right now.

But it’s scary. Every now and then I panic and that causes tightening of the chest. But it soon goes away (sometimes with a little help from my “friends”).



My contribution to the reading-aloud videos flying about lately:


Went out hiking.

Lots and lots of people had the same idea. Lots of people traveling in packs.

Kids chasing after other kids, after other strangers.

Social distancing is, at best, a farce.

Whole foods has a six by six grid taped on the floors, but the other two groceries aren’t taking it so seriously.

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About time they flipped the table.

Unfortunately I’m sure the orangutang in charge here is happy about it - “If we send everybody back to work by Easter, will that kill enough people to get them scared enough to pay for the wall? It’s an election year, dammit, kill as many of our own as it takes to get them to put up a wall!”

(apologies for the insult to orangutans)


Journal of the Corona Year


I have learned two things from working at home:

1 — If, in the middle of they day, you realize you need to trim a fingernail, you can do it at that time.

2 — There is no good coffee available in Bay Ridge. In short, their brew is too thin and their water is too hot. I could make my own in the middle of the day, but a walk is healthy and I want to do my part in supporting the economy. There were a couple of places that looked promising, but now that I’m working from home they have closed. So I’m still looking and hopeful.

Yesterday I tried ordering groceries for my mother in Minnesota. She calls me from half-way across the country so I can order food from a store that is less than a mile away from her. I’ve done this for her a handful of times over the past few years.

She has basically quarantined herself for many years. The problem is that the person she hires to drive her a couple times a week is quarantining himself and is thus unavailable.

Cub Foods has a horrible website. Maybe all food stores have horrible websites, I don’t know. This is the only one I have visited.

After spending a half hour selecting 18 items, and hearing the backstory to each choice, the time to “checkout” has come. There are no days available to schedule delivery. No options are given. No way around this step. I had been having a pretty good day up to this point.

This morning I checked on their website again. Fortunately the “cart” still held the order, and a delivery date was available. The soonest day available was a week from now, next Wednesday. You would think with most of the economy shutdown there would be a lot of people available to deliver groceries. But I guess not.


Her show on Amazon Prime is masterful. She lets him have if.


Much the same point as Charles Mudede, but with vile angry jokes.


This is great! Dr. Fauci is both relieved and thrilled that he gets to talk to someone with a brain and the ability to articulate words in a highly-reasonable fashion!

Okay, I fell asleep at around 6:30 p.m. last night and woke up at around 12:30 a.m. today.


Can you still smell and taste properly? Apparently that’s a major symptom of covid-19.

Edit: to be clear, losing your sense of smell, perhaps permanently, because of olfactory bulb inflammation, has been a major symptom in many covid-19 patients.


It seemed like people here (Melbourne, Australia) weren’t taking the whole social distancing thing seriously earlier this week - congregating in groups at the off-leash dog park, chatting about making the most of the good weather, etc. But yesterday they were doing much better - a woman even apologised to me for breaching the 1.5 metre squared rule while patting the dog I’m looking after at the moment. So I hope people where you are are kinda easing into it as well. I know that’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing, right?

As an aside, the dog I’m looking after is my sister’s. She was in the US, Mexico and Costa Rico and was meant to originally return tomorrow. Then the shit hit the fan with flights etc but she managed to get back here on Monday or Tuesday and is now in self-isolation in a lux airbnb in Brisbane, half the country away!

So I’m looking after the dog for at least a couple more weeks. As I live in a smallish first floor apartment without a balcony or anything, it’s not the best for the dog. But it does mean that, ironically, I’m getting out more than I have in years - three or four times a day so she can go to the toilet and for a walk.

I’ve also figured out I’m bit of a unintentional prepper! I like to have whatever I’m using and at least one, preferably two, of each item stored away in case I run out or can’t afford it when I next need it. So when the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towel, tampons, food such as rice, pasta, sugar, flour, etc, hoarding and panic-buying began, I discovered I thankfully didn’t need to contribute to the panic because I already had the essentials. And I could do small kindnesses such as check in on my elderly, long-term unwell downstairs neighbour and bake a banana cake for her and a pear tea-cake for another neighbour.


Both still seem to work. And I feel marginally better. If this is (was?) a simple flu, it is a cruel joke.

Thanks everyone. Stay healthy. And if you want some laughs, go back to the top of Random Silly Grins and scroll through. :grin:


I miss Vin Scully, a voice I’d recognize anywhere, he’s been part of my life since I was a little tiny kid, listening to Dodger Baseball on the radio, with my parents.