Meh... for all of life's okay events

Since we have a victory thread, an angry thread, and a gear grinding thread, I thought I’d start a meh thread… for events in your life which aren’t victories, angry-making, or gear grinding… just events that are kind of there…


I have now put in 2 applications for part time (adjuncting) positions.



Surgical recuperation is annoying and tedious. Give me a few months, and I will be fine, but the time passed while healing is… meh.


Indeed… I was in that meh not too long ago. It was uber-meh, no doubt, although I was lucky that it was only really a week or 2 for me.

Hope you are healing up quickly!


I was just at the thrift store for clothing. The quality of sports shirts is high and very cheap, making it :+1: I came home with six shirts (three of the magic wicking fabric), but sadly no jeans, which was the whole reason I went since I’ve used up three pair I need to replace. I exercise in jeans or shorts, so they got a lot of wear. So on balance, today’s outing was a meh.


I have spent the last two weeks having exceptionally good eating habits. Careful planning, portion control, balance- all of it.
And I’ve been physically active too. I’ve walked ~25 miles this week and ridden a bike (quickly) for 3 hours total (thus far).

I have not lost any weight whatsoever.

Meh. I can’t thwart the laws of thermodynamics forever.


But you don’t necessarily expect to if the walking and biking are new, right? Won’t you be redeveloping muscles that have been underused? I’m not sure when I actually started losing weight post pregnancy ( no scale at home), but I started noticing poundage redistribution after about a month of running.

Edit: keep up the good work! I bet you feel better, regardless of the obviousness of any results.


It takes time for the weight loss to kick in, and don’t be suprised if you hit a plateau every so often when the needle on the scale just won’t budge. It’s part of the way the body adjusts to muscle and metabolic changes. If you lose too much weight too soon, you’re more likely to gain it all back later. But if you stick with it, you will see results, I promise.

(Many years ago, I wasn’t moving around as much and didn’t pay attention to what I ate, and found myself hitting 178 pounds. I got myself a gym membership and started eating more sensibly. I’d say it took me 9-10 months of work to get myself to a better weight, averaging around 135-140 pounds. It can be done. It just takes time. :wink: )


My wife worked at a gym for years and talked about that. The way she explained it, when you start working out your body starts burning fat, but also building muscle, which is heavier than fat, so you might even gain a bit of weight, and a lot of people would get discouraged, but once you reach a level of fitness, the weight starts going down, because then you already have the muscle built up for it. As long as you’re getting more fit and healthier, don’t be discouraged by that one number.


I’ve just gotten halfway through writing the last of 8 songs for a video game my boyfriend and his longtime friend are making. I was laid-off from a decent paying job after a long fight to the lower middle, shortly before. So I pretty much jumped at the chance. We’re releasing the songs also as a group, just the two of us, and I’ve been wanting us to agree to collaborate on original music for some time because we have perfectly complimentary skill sets and overlapping aesthetics, but it’s the kind of thing you have to be really sure is comfortable first so it took time to get here. All that said it’s been freaking awesome… but unfortunately I also told myself that once all the tracks were mixed for the release I’d start looking for a job again. I’m not really sure due to my medical needs that I can actually live day to day, pay my mortgage, and figure out how to launch a career I gave up on 15 years ago tbh and I’d better be sure I can do it if I don’t want to potentially destroy a group of lives including my own. So my best angle is to go back to corporate life, see if I can shake out enough money to buy myself say, five years, and just try not to get sucked dry before I can get anything else working. Unless of course the games take off… but again… nice thoughts are nice but they don’t pay the bills.

Compromises… eh… hey I’m lucky and I know it, but that doesn’t keep me from wishing I was luckier so meh.


I was really tired yesterday.

So I overslept.

So I took the car to work, instead of bussing it.

Then, being so tired, I completely forgot that I took my car to work, and bussed home.

I look in the garage this afternoon, to find grass shears… and there’s no car there. No one else uses my car, so there’s always a car there when I’m home. It takes me a moment to realize where it must be, and I pull out my bicycle and start on my way to work.

I get there: my car is still there, and has no ticket on it.

And now it’s safe and secure in my garage again.



I think that’s more exciting than meh! But I get it — trying to make a living at creative stuff like art, music, writing, etc., is so difficult. Few people manage. I’ve read that there are maybe 100 science fiction writers who can write full time. I bet many have spouses supporting them. I tried the sf writing route as a hobby; acquired over 100 rejection slips, and placed only a few stories in minuscule markets. Waiting months for replies to submissions (or not getting any reply at all) wore me out. Meh on that.

But as an avocation it’s fun, especially enjoying the community of other wannabes.


Effort expended, but status quo maintained. That’s a typical* meh.

I would have said exemplar or archetypal, but those words don’t go in a thread about meh.


Yeah, that was just about how I felt. Something could have gone really poorly, but didn’t. There’s relief, but the most likely consequence would have just been a small fine, so not that much relief.

All in all, meh.


Just had a bump taken off my dominant hand. It doesn’t hurt (yet), and it may or may not be skin cancer (if it is that would be #4 so not a new thing to get too excited about). The surgeon is really good so hopefully got it all if it is.

But my hand is out of commission for awhile till the incision heals.

Good news: I get out of chores for a while. Bad news is typing is a pita, so comments here may be limited for a bit (except for this one). Meh.


Perfect weather today, did a little weed-pulling to get the garden area looking nicer. Then decided to trim some of the branches that overhang the walking area and hang down too low. My wife held a branch while I sawed at it with my pocket chainsaw, but it’s live wood so the saw kept getting stuck and I kept having to reach up and free it. Just before I finished the cut, it got stuck again. I could feel the warm sticky sap all over my hand and as I reached up to free it, I thought “Wow, this tree is really leaking, I’m going to have to clean the sap off and that stuff’s hard to clean.”

Then I noticed my hand. The warm sticky sap was red, and it was coming from me instead of the tree. Finished the branch and then put pressure on the cut (apparently I’d pushed a sawtooth completely into my finger without noticing) and bandaged it up. Five hours later, took the bandage off to clean it up with peroxide and neosporin and switch to just a bandaid, but it instantly started bleeding again.

So for now I’m typing with one less finger while that one rests in gauze. Going to wait 24 hours to switch the bandage again and then if it still bleeds get it glued shut on Tuesday I guess.


That sounds scary - a Swiss Army power tool? or hyperbole?
Hope your finger heals quickly.


It’s like a bike chain with serrated saw bits on the links:

Fits in a pocket and actually works quite well. Well, as long as you don’t grab it by the teeth and yank to unstick it.

Tonight it didn’t start bleeding again so I’m down to a much more comfortable bandaid instead of a big wad of gauze. (If it had bled again I’d probably still be looking for the superglue to seal it up. Haven’t used superglue in ages so it’d probably be glued shut and I’d have to try not to injure myself again opening it. :smile:)


Holding it by the straps does seem preferable. I never had luck keeping a bottle of superglue useable for more that a year until I broke down and bought some Drierite. Now I’ve got two bottles, instant and gel, in a Mason jar, with a cup of Drierite in the bottom (it’s for models, not first aid). It’s been two years, maybe more.


[Redacted] happened at work.

Could be good, could be bad, could end up being Meh.

Regardless, I may need to actually think about moving on in the next year or so.

As Theodore Logan once opined, “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”