Melizmatic's Gallery of Visual Delights

I have over 6.5K images stored on two servers as several drives; I’m never gonna use 'em all, but someone should see them at some point, so why not here?

So consider this my own version of ‘Wanderthread;’ art & design that I think is cool or visually striking.

Many images are my own creations/manipulations, like the following:

But many others aren’t.

Enjoy, or ignore… as however you so choose.


Zombie teen snack time?

Evil Bad Girls

Obsidian Afro-futurist Glam

Animal print kiss

Melz Spacescapes 1


Drag Glam

Butterfly Wicked Cool

Grace Fierce

Ebony Glam


This is a 'shoop I did, that I’m going to turn into a drawing:



Don’t really need to turn it into a drawing to achieve artistry: I think you’ve managed it fine here. (Of course, if the point of the exercise is to draw, don’t let me stop you. :wink: )

For a period, I was doing something similar, portrait shoops that sort of combined abstraction:

…and, of course, one everyone will recognise…

It was fun, but painstaking work - most of the photos I worked with needed considerable manual retouch to get rid of blockiness when I blew them up to a workable size.


Nicely done!


Bingo, that’s exactly the point, I was just pleased with the work I’ve done so far.

If the charcoal rendering turns out well, I may share that one too.


Ah. I used to be a pretty fair portraitist, but my eyes, although they’re still good for day-to-day affairs, can no longer handle the fine closeup work needed (presbyopia). Shooping (or GIMPing, as the case may be) proved to be a Godsend. I’m pretty much at the stage of not caring how something is done provided that it looks good, that there’s art in the handling.

I think that these conditions are true for your intermediate stage here - it looks good, it has art. If you do put up the final drawing, give me a shout, please, so that I don’t miss it. I’d be interested in seeing where you take this.