Microphone suggestions?

I’m kind of self concious about how I sound on camera, but nevertheless, I would like to narrate some youtube screencasts, and I also participate in the occassional video conference.

My current microphones include a imac mic (probably quite bad), a cad u1usb microphone (definitely horrid) and a boya lavelier microphone (halfway decent, but plugs into a dlsr instead of my computer. I’ve been considering getting something like this:

and getting an XLR microphone or two if the Boya doesn’t work out. Does anybody with better instincts care to comment? I don’t want to sound awful on camera, but I don’t want to end up with a lot of kit that isn’t fit for purpose…

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At work we use these Yeti microphones and people there think that they’re pretty good. Personally, I don’t know enough about that sort of thing to say whether it’s a good choice, but might be worth looking into and reading reviews from people who know more than me.


I asked a friend who is an excellent audio engineer for Recs about a month ago. My notes.


Mic over ear - the kind that get the mic close to your mouth


I have a Blue Snowball that I’m impressed with. No issues with people hearing me on Conference calls when I use it at home. DOes it make my voice sound better? No idea. I don’t listen to myself at the best of times.