Minetest, the open-source and moddable voxel builder, Gets New Version

Minetest, a game in which you spend time looking at text files in a mad attempt to cobble together a mod for overpowered gear, has a new version out: 0.4.16.

This build includes massive performance optimizations, which will help Android users immensely but will also benefit players on Netbooks and other craptastic devices.

On the server side, patches include improved anti-cheat that can block hacked clients from ignoring damage, jump limitations, etc.

Full changelog here:

You can download Minetest from the official github repo here: https://github.com/minetest/minetest/releases/tag/0.4.16

Minetest fork Freeminer will also benefit from these changes, but have yet to put out an updated build.