Mod requests

I’m not sure what the best way is to do this, but, I’d like to request something from the mods.

I unintentionally derailed the “Not Feminism 101” thread; while my frustration and poor self-expression may have eventually stumbled into some fruitful discussion, I feel currently the conversation about “gender critical” is a derail from the purpose of the original thread. If it’s appropriate to spin that off into a separate thread so the original discussion can continue, I’d appreciate it, and I humbly offer apologies for derailing when I should have, if not taken a breather first, at least been forward-thinking enough to branch into a new thread myself.


And I would like to respectfully ask that the thread not be split - intersectional feminism includes trans issues and I think that your posts are perfectly at home in a thread dedicated to more advanced topics of feminism.


As the thread originator, I would also like it not to be split.
Its quite a journey we went on today, and I think thats valuable.

You can make your own thread if you wish, I think people would be open to that. But I dislike thread splitting in general. Hence I’m posting here and not “over there”.


Easy enough to just create a new thread and then copy posts into the new thread if we want to do it as a separate discussion but I rather enjoy threads that wander, IMHO.


In my unsolicited opinion, I like it the way it is, to show how an (all too common) miscommunication could be resolved pretty well through a liberal application of… good faith communication!