Mouse Suggestions?


I’ve been using an Evoluent vertical mouse to reduce strain on my right ulnar nerve. But I’m having trouble with my right thumb too, so maybe I should switch to another mouse some of the time. Any suggestions?

Basic Requirements:

  • Not a touch device!

  • Not a trackball, scrollwheel, or device which relies on scrollwheels. I can’t control trackballs, and I get terrible tendon pain fron trackballs and scrollwheels.

  • Either a horizontal mouse then or a vertical mouse which doesn’t rely on my thumb or a joystick. I don’t have much experience with joysticks.

  • At least left, scrolling, and right buttons, preferably also page up and page down. I’m not counting a wheel as a button. Even if you can click on it, I fear I would slip, and hurt my tendons on it. I’ve been using my thumb for page up and page down and could use another option there.

  • Does not rely on gestures, chords, or hard-to-reach buttons…

  • Mac compatible. If I need to program the buttons, then I want Mac tools to program them. If I don’t need to, it’s a bit simpler.

Any idea how to find a good mouse or other pointer?