My favorite YouTube Channel

Most of the videos are under 5 minutes and consist of the following parts:

  • Standing outside the elevator.
  • Opening the door and stepping inside.
  • Pressing the button for the top floor.
  • Riding the elevator up to the top floor.
  • Pressing the button for the bottom/ground floor.
  • Riding the elevator down to the bottom/ground floor.
  • Exiting the elevator.

That’s it. There’s no commentary, no music, and minimal editing. There are some details in the description, but it’s otherwise just the experience of riding an elevator. There are between 5 and 6 thousand subscribers, and most videos get less than 200 views. It is simple and hyper-focused, and can only exist in a world where publishing video is easy and ubiquitous. I love it.


Makes me think of those six hour long train videos that are literally just a camera mounted on a train as it goes about its business. There really is an audience for everything and sometimes the most mundane things can be fascinating. (Even more so if it’s mundane things made interesting by it being somewhere else and observing at all the subtle and not so subtle differences.)