Mycroft Mark II: The Open Voice Assistant

I’ve been checking in on the Mycroft project, with aspirations towards building one myself. Time being ever elusive, I settled into the idea of just purchasing one of their Mark I units the other night, only to discover this:

Instead of buying a product that does exist for a fair price and moving forward, I decided to roll the dice and wager a small sum towards the future on a product that doesn’t exist with a estimated delivery date of December.

That puts a deadline on my end of the bargain. Maybe I’ll try to build one from scratch anyway to see how well I can integrate it into my current systems and make this a drop-in replacement. It’s not like they’re likely to meet the 12/2018 deadline anyway…

If nothing else, I’ll have plenty of #content if I can get around to it…

Full disclosure: This is in no way an endorsement/admonishment of crowd funding, merely documenting my impulse purchase that will allow me to (hopefully) be able to set timers with my voice 9+ months from now.


I’m playing with Pi-croft and I keep wavering on the MyCroft 2. (I’m using Google’s AIY Voice kit and there is a build for it)

I have it working at default after a few false starts. Now I just need to decide why I need one.

And to get it to answer to “Hey, Igor.”

I will say, I’m signed up to the github for it and it is somewhat active. I’ll take that as a good sign.


Is that pronounced “Ee-gore” or “Eye-gore?”


Ideally, I’d like it to randomly correct once in awhile regardless.


I’m already on the OpenHAB bandwagon, so it’s slightly easier for me to justify. I will occasionally see a deal on a Google Home or Home Mini, and consider going down that rabbit hole. By committing to MyCroft, I can avoid most of the entanglements that a connected assistant involves.

I haven’t seen anything about it, but I think it would be handy to allow it to use multiple identities. That would be a quicker way to multi-user functionality instead of having to distinguish who is talking. My wife could call it one name, and I could call it another.


That is a wonderful idea that had not occurred to me.

The functionality is there to change the activation phrase. I believe there are 4 baked in ones and then the means to create a new one, I’ve just not found the documentation on configuring it


I wasn’t able to find a guide on changing it, but there are several references to a wake word in the mycroft.conf:

At first glance, it looks like you’d need to change it in more than one place, though not necessarily all of them depending upon which listener you’re using.


Found this and I don’t remember that “This Tool” link last time I was fiddling.




My pi-croft has the Sarcasm Skill installed. I believe I can edit this to give me - at the very least - an occasional “No, it’s pronounced eye-gore” when it doesn’t understand my command