Nazi Lover Appointed /r/Canada Moderator || WTF, Canada?

Some dude who once put a bounty on a journalist and calls alt-reich his friends has been appointed a moderator at the /r/Canada subreddit. For years, the alt-reich medym - who also runs “alt-right before it was cool” /r/metacanada - has sat as an /r/Canada moderator, but today marks the day openly hostile racists have gained total control of a once proud subreddit.

Said anti-journalist, Nazi-loving racist goes by the handle dittomuch.

Some other shit he and his friends have been up to:

But sure, “the left are the REAL racists!” who are totally “making nazis by calling all whites nazis”.

:fu: the alt-reich :fu:

Imbeciles, every last one of them. Remember: if you support racist policies, you’re a goddamn racist.

This has been WTF, Canada - a column that asks what the fuck is Canada thinking, written by a Canadian.


For fuck’s sake!


Is Canada responsible for this appointment, or was it achieved by a gang of brigading fascists?


Brigading fascists landed a few of their guys on /r/Canada’s moderator team. Way it works on reddit is that any moderator has full permissions - which you can be rest assured, they abuse to the fullest. Reddit-proper doesn’t have a moderator election of any sort, whoever first stakes out a subreddit gets initial control.

/r/feminism was hijacked by MRAs years ago. An alternative was set up and the Reddit admins put the new alternative as a starred subreddit.

Universal anonymity for every participant, with no participation from the site owners, is not a community. Reddit just gets worse every year.


WTF, Canada?

Hey now. Don’t you go around poking holes in our cultural myth about being less racist than our American cousins.


Nah, it’s just that Real Canadians™ don’t hang around hot messes like Reddit. :wink: