Neothink's Charismatic Leader not Actually Charismatic

High on creep and low on charisma, Mark Hamilton’s stilted videos and broken websites are nonetheless flooded with comments proclaiming his genius. The 3000-year old secret at the core of his “Neothink Society” is that everyone—including the poor—would instantly become rich if government renounced all forms of “initiatory force” and limited itself to protecting its citizens: a revolutionary political philosophy that somehow differs from libertarianism. In order to realize this vision of a renewed (ahem) “Hamilton-America,” he has organized the Twelve Visions Party, which you can join by signing a contract to “subordinate…[your]…many preconceived thoughts.” To become an active member in the Neothink Society, however, you must first buy his books.

To convince people to buy into your cult or new age scam is apparently really easy. Perhaps the key to becoming a cult leader or false guru (or Republican president) isn’t being possessed of a rare charisma, as much as the psychopathic detachment necessary to self-consciously build an entire persona around tacky lies and manipulation.


This is just the kind of symbolic, multi-level-marketing, winning death cult we get after “the market” does its magic to Jonestown.