Offline Survival: A Guide for Le Precariat

Hi, I’m Austin, and I’ve been living offline for a while.

Entertainment: I Hope You Like Piracy
It turns out, a vast treasure trove of books can fit into just 4GB, acquired via Project Gutenberg or unlicensed[sup]1[/sup] publisher. I recommend the written word where possiblue - byte for byte, it is one of the most entertainment-dense mediums.

The NES and SNES libraries, including the weird unlicensed Hong Kong productions, can fit into about 8GB quote nicely. Tight platformers and JRPGs aplenty.

Or, PC-wise, abandonware sites and the occasional rerelease have you covered. Bethesda rereleased Elder Scrolls 1 & 2 for free. There’s also Tribes, and a bajillion free FPSes with amazing bots.

Android: Flym, AntennaPod, and NetHack
Honestly, Flym saved my life. This handy RSS reader caches articles whenever data is had, ensuring a near limitless archive of interesting stuff.

AntennaPod is a podcast app. Handy.

NetHack has claimed too many hours of my life. I can’t stop playing it.

Send help, am drunk, ran out of ideas. Note to self: edit later

Shoutout to Age of Empires. And demos. Demos are the best.

  1. Pirate publishers, like Mobilism or a Russian FTP site.

You have ebooks, ROMs, and abandonware, and that’s awesome! What could add to that? Solo RPGs - random idea generators, that you use to build characters and plots for whatever adventures you can come up with! Consider Mythic [1], Instant Game [2], The Big List of RPG Plots [3], CRGE [4], etc. as ways to spur your imagination to countless stories that you can create and participate in. Most of these are free or pay-what-you-want.

They’re a great way to inspire your imagination. And not the worst way to play with yourself.



I recommend Pathos: Nethack Codex on Google Play. Free nethack lite with touchscreen capabilities.


I play this sometimes (the Conquerors version). IMO they got a lot of things right about the gameplay, and it holds up.


There are Android N64 emulators out there that will essentially run on toasters. I think the largest N64 cartridges were 64MB, so even if you only downloaded the largest ROMs available, you’d still get 16 per GB of storage…