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Does this ‘bother’ (insert your own word there) anyone?

I’m not real interested in conversations occurring in two places at once - and I don’t think elsewhere is an extension of somewhere. By all means people converse where you like - but do we generally want to be independent and unconnected from the ‘other’ place?

Just some musing, what are peoples thoughts?


I’m not going over there but if someone posts to a good article and conversation there, I’m okay with it. It’s just not where I regularly hangout anymore.


In this case i think something was crossposted both places. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I find it confusing personally as I visit both, but I can appreciate @Wanderfound wanting to dip toes in lots of ponds with the question.


I kinda accidentally posted there last night, for the first time in a while. I was up late, didn’t have anything new to read here, browsed there for a moment, found something vaguely interesting, forgot I wasn’t here, and broke my own embargo by commenting. Then felt very mildly bad about it (but not enough to delete it).

But though I don’t mind the occasional link to something interesting over there, I’m here because I don’t really want to maintain a presence over there anymore.


I still go there, but (I think) I engage less. I do reply occasionally, and I consciously avoid sharing an article if it has already been posted there, but in general I try not to let it influence me too much. There are still several people I respect that regularly post there, and I like to show my support for them. There are even some (like Humbabella, for example) that haven’t joined us here yet, and I’d rather not be without their insight and wit.


It’s not any worse than someone mentioning they posted something to Facebook, and for me the result is the same: I don’t read the linked-to article.


or reddit. I was thinking the same thing.

My inner purist flared up for a hot moment, but that guy never helps anything!


Same here. I logged out of that and haven’t been back since. I did invite one person to come here, but alas, I don’t think he has made it. :cry:


It does not bother me, as such. There is a large overlap of people and content, so I think it isn’t surprising. I guess that re-pasting a reply from BB is a favor for those who would rather not be linked there. I like links, having become accustomed to HTML before the walled garden craze. The only time I dislike being linked is to something I would need a dubious membership to access - like many Facebook links.


me too


It seems a lot more like any other comments section lately.

I guess that’s what they want.


Let people use the internet how they please.


Would you be asking the question if the crosspost were a different forum?

Personally, I have got no trouble with the crossposting of content anywhere, so long as it doesn’t lead to a rights issue.

If you’re more concerned it’s going to lead people here who will have a detrimental effect on the community, well, a) that’s a problem anywhere with open enrolment and b) we have different mods, rules and community standards.

Otherwise, it’s the Internet. Crossposting and reposting happen. A lot of the time you just don’t know it.


Underlying reasoning for the double-post:

  1. This is interesting, I’ll post it here for the interesting people to discuss.

  2. Actually, this seems like a genuinely good idea; I should give it wider exposure. I’ll post it to the other place as well so that more people can see it.


@Wanderfound posted the same thing separately on two independent sites. I responded to both, with the same words, since I think it’s a worthwhile question for discussion. Neither of us linked the two posts, and I made no reference to HMS on That Other Place.

I really don’t see what the problem is here, other than my laziness in using my own words over again.

Is saying the same thing in more than one place crossposting? (Genuine question,because I’ve been known to repeat myself).


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I am not sure either, but then I am just trying to figure out reasons why someone might be “bothered” by the double post.

I feel more “meh” about it. Like I said, unless it’s an issue of rights ownership (because I don’t want to see us sued) let people posted where they may.


why do you imagine something brought up is a ‘problem’? No problem here, no need to be defensive especially as I didn’t mention you? Sheesh. Friendly Question Friendly Question!!


I didn’t share my feels so I could be called out for them being incorrect ya know. I did so to encourage you to share yours!

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I don’t think i have to justify a musing, do I? (added: but I had already said)

Would you be answering with that question if the other BBS never existed? Because I’d probably not have asked. I hope you do me the service of reading my responses in the thread and offering me a little more credit than this question does!

revised: It seems like when I’ve asked for thoughts here, I’ve been responded to like maybe I did something less than idea in asking, or treated someone poorly? no thank you to that! Also no worries here, it struck me as the first time I have seen something crossposted.

The fact that you created the topic, and used the word ‘bother’ (not about yourself, I know), suggested you had some concerns. I was looking for clarification.

You quoted me, and linked back to my reply to @Wanderfound.

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