Online Charity Fundraisers

If you know of someone trying to raise money for a good cause, shout it out here!

To start us off:

Twitch streamer Tina_too is raising money in honor of her friend Caseem, who passed away of sickle cell anemia. All donations and tips during the 48-hour event will be given to the Sickle Cell Disease Association.

Link may be wonky:

(If it doesn’t work, you can catch it at, at the channel Tina_too.)

Edited to update: The stream is over. It went over 48 hours, largely because everyone was having so much fun remembering Caseem and celebrating his memory. The grand total collected was, in Canadian dollars, $6341.53, smashing all goals set. What an amazing ride!


I literally waited for an invitation.


Terry Pratchett fans might want to check this out:

The fun begins on Saturday the 22nd, at 8 PM UK/3 PM EDT, and it’s scheduled to last until 5 AM/Midnight. I was at the first fundraiser last year, and it was truly lovely. They have a beautiful voice, and he does a great job of reading aloud.

(Disclosure: I’m a moderator in their channel, though I don’t think that biases me too much. :wink: )