Online search tools?

Does anyone know of good online search tools?

I’m sick of having to deal with Google, scholar or otherwise. Broad search yields page after page of irrelevant crap. Narrowing search by putting quotes around each term either yields page after page of irrelevant word frequency list crap, or one paged of irrelevant crap.

I’m thinking it might help if I could search for specific topics. I’m worried it would mean only searching paywalled academic journals. But even that might be better than searching gorram word frequency lists. I use a blocklist extension to block most word frequency lists, but still have to scroll down each page, check that there’s nothing, move to the next page, again, again, again.

Good arm hurts. Other arm mirrors hurt.


I use go duck go. It’s not as slick as google, but not tracking me either.

For academic stuff, consider the unpaywall add-on. I don’t think it changes what is searched, but it will sniff out unlocked copies of articles. I host copies of all my papers on my site, unpaywall indexes that and makes them visible to searchers. You click on the paywalls article, and a green lock symbol pops up, linking you to a free copy.


I hope to avoid irrelevant results, and make things easier and less painful to navigate.

When I tried using Duck, it dropped search terms and gave irrelevant results, and it imposed endless scrolling.


I think the biggest problem is that search engines either drop or synonymize search terms without warning, and old standards such as using search terms, using + before search terms, using quotes around search terms, etc. each get phased out.


In English, Gigablast seems to narrow things down, and find things Google either skipped or buried.


I haven’t used this one in a while, it’s an oldie but a goodie. They just got a nice new interface:

Another to explore. I worked for this company.