Oops, I done goofed



We were down for a bit. Sorry about that.

I wasn’t moving the site, we just ran out of disk space.

I resized the droplet we’re running on, so we should be good for now.

I’ll post more about the move in the appropriate topic.


Slightly related, but we now have twice the CPU and RAM in addition to 33% more disk space. Please let me know if the site feels less dodgy now. I’ve never noticed any significant performance issues, but if there’s enough interest I can go ahead and upgrade the server that bbs.elsewhere.cafe is running on in advance of the move.


Thanks for doing all this work for us! :heart_eyes_cat:


Time to upload more gifs!

(It’s pronounced “zhaif”)


The guy who invented the accursed format says “it’s pronounced jif.”

So I’m going to keep pronouncing it “jif,” “𐌾𐌹𐍆,” or “IIF,” with the same “j” as in “yesterday.”


I like this.

I’d use it, if I had any idea how to pronounce it.

Only if you like jifs of furry porn.


An individual backup actually isn’t too large right now (1.7GiB), but 5-6 of them is ~33% of our formal total disk space. Add the base OS and the docker container, and it’s a bit cramped. Also, we had a few backups fail (due to lack of disk space), and the process left the uncompressed backup on disk, ironically enough.

I’m going to investigate options for extending our disk space without also adding RAM or cores, so the money can be more efficiently applied.



It’s too bad there were literally no other English words that people pronounce differently, leaving us totally unprepared for how to handle this one.





difrent frum/difrent tuu

Ai teek it þis iz riileeted to Igglisj “hjuu” (“hue”)? (ƕat iz þe proopoozd PGmk (“PGmc”) prezent infinitib?)