Operating Ideas


We’ve been discussing business models for this board in some other threads. I am watching this movie on Netflix, and thought it might give us some ideas to discuss.


It’s about cooperative business models and shows different groups that are trying them.


Squee! It’s on Netflix Canada! That’s a good indicator it’s on the other non-US Netflixs as well.




Is it necessary or helpful to turn the forum into a business?


Well there have been discussions on how financially things work and I think one idea is to make it self sustaining in some way, which means someone is responsible for holding funds, which means responsibility to the group, which means some kind of legal agreement.


It’s also a good way to shield @LockeCJ from legal troubles as the owner and publishe


I watched this when @ChickieD first posted about it, but never posted back. It was great to see a wide variety of co-ops profiled, but I was left wondering how exactly most of them make rent.

Partly this is from the London ON brewers. They made me laugh, with their persistent mentioning of the “historic east village”. I lived in London for 12 years. There is no historic east village. That’s the EOA, or East of Adelaide. It’s great for cheap digs – a lot of art stuff happens in that end – but it’s not exactly gentrified or gentrifying. Those shots of pawn shops next to closed-up/relocated shops is more the norm.


Not on Amazon :frowning:


I took notes. I’d like to contact the guy at Morgan Stanley they mentioned. I have a friend who works for them so thought I’d see if he had a way to connect to him.


He and the other ex-banker were the two most interesting people in it for me. They’re thinking about the big picture.