Poll: Themes


Which themes do you use?

  • Default
  • Earthtones
  • Light

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Can Default be changed to something like Default (Dark) or Dark (Default)?


There were themes?

I decided upon earth tone just now.


I agree you needed a fourth option…

But I just changed to Earthtones after regaining my vision when I selected Light


I logged my preference, which is light.

At night, I do switch to a dark theme; I don’t change my preferences here, though, I cut on my universal darkening browser script. 'Bout that time, actually. Sun just went down.


Dark, because I am on phone, but may try earthtones on the laptop.


I didn’t notice the options either until now.

I’ll give them all a try and see if I’ve got a favourite.

At the moment, my initial reactions are:

Default - ok, some bits are too dark
Earth tones- also ok some improvements, some things less so.
Light- woah, that’s bright.