I wish I was making this up.

This is how much non-wealthy people are valued in London


Good lord, 200k pounds on a piano practice dispute?

The complainers should just buy the kid a high end digital piano and a pair of headphones.


Makes you wonder, if the amount hadn’t been exactly the same as what would have saved the lives of all those people in Grenfell Tower, would they have even registered the indecency of continuing to push this?

Also, putting up some soundproofing on the wall between the piano and the special-snowflake neighbors, or having a civil discussion between the two families would have solved the problem for much less time, money, and effort. This wasn’t really about noise: it was about ‘how dare you impinge on my sacred bubble here in one of the most crowded and populous cities in the world?’.


200K to outfit the sprinklers is a good deal.


I was a member of a condo association where we had a big dispute over one woman who had installed skylights, gasp, on the FRONT roof of her townhouse. Probably useful to also know that a) she had never paid her condo fee in the over 5 years she’d lived there and b) this particular location of the window was expressly forbidden in the rules (we had lots of ridiculous rules).

She dated a man who was a shady lawyer and so for free he could file all sorts of motions, which by our bylaws, we HAD to answer. We spent thousands and thousands in fees responding to all the things he filed.

Most people wanted to continue with the suit even though it caused everyone’s fees to be raised because they were so outraged over the whole thing and didn’t want her to win when she was doing everything wrong and had made no concessions.

It was really a nasty situation. The woman involved was black and this previously harmonious, upscale, multi-racial community became this simmering pot of racist bullshit.

I moved away before it all got resolved. I’m sure we approached near piano levels of bills by the end of it all.