Proposed Rules for good behavior and consequences for misbehavior


I dunno, I just haven’t seen the kind of behavior here that would warrant keeping the edit history visible to all and sundry. It would probably be different if we were all, like, 12-year-olds or something. As it is, I’d rather not live in a forum that encourages us to be paranoid of each other, sifting through edit histories looking to datamine something to support our he-said-she-saids. I fully approve of having mods able to view those histories in the uncommon event that something like this becomes an issue. Pretty soon it’ll become obvious what behaviors are too irritating to the community to be tolerated.




And how do you do that?


I’ll roll you a customized version, based on the theme you currently use - you can’t currently see it because it uses a custom glyph instead of (a much saner) svg icon.


I’ll need more time.


I’m not using a custom theme, but I’m reading all text in Andika. I used to use OpenDyslexic, but Andika has much better cross-script support.



I’ll ping you when I have the font-neutral(ish) version up.


Thank you!


I see that on desktop but I’m not seeing it on mobile


On mobile, it gets covered up by the avatar of the person you’re replying to.


How meta!


I wonder what it is you’re REALLY talking about.

I’m probably first, or at least on the short list, of people here who post references to religious bloggers, articles, quotes, etc. I have never seen any pushback about that.

There are lots of commonalities between the various religions and philosophies in the world, and many unique ideas worth considering. I have never found such discussion to be a problem here.

Proselytizing, on the other hand, doesn’t go over well.

It would help to get an exact example of what you’re talking about. Preferably more than one, since there are always going to be disagreements once or twice over time between any two posters. If this is an ongoing problem, then let’s see some examples.


Worst. Poem. Ever.


Will fix this afternoon.


Much appreciated, thanks.


Daily since Tuesday I’ve read the Guidelines to ensure my contributions are at least civil and topical, and respectful if they fail at topical (i.e. responding to someone’s tangential comment).

Are the guidelines referred to under review? Did they change? Is there a tiered system of what guidelines apply to whom, like in trust level differences or Discourse privilege levels?


No change. Haven’t the time to. I doubt we’ll get a chance to look at moderation in depth until next year.


Floating this up for views