Quick Cash Ideas

I know a few members are trying to figure out ways to deal with a cash crunch, so I thought we’d start a thread on ideas for getting some fast fat stacks.

When I moved there were a ton of books I decided to sell, and locally the options are kind of thin and I suspect not well paying. I remembered there’s a thing with Amazon where you can send in a box of stuff and they sell it for you. The program is called the Trade-In program. Here’s the info.

I talked with the help chat person because I have TONS of books and sending each one in one at a time seemed absurd. If you go to the UPS store, just insert all the labels inside the package so Amazon can process all of the items. They’ll help you get the shipment to Amazon for free.

You still have to look up each book to make sure it’s eligible.

You only get Amazon credit but seriously, you can get everything on Amazon, so this could help out.


Another option is to deliver packages for Amazon. Their Amazon Flex program is no commitment and pays well. I did it for a little while until my car insurance company caught wind of what I was doing and threatened to drop me if I kept doing it and didn’t up my insurance. But as a stopgap measure… You make about $50 a day and need a driver’s license and no criminal record.


So far NONE of my books is allowed. I have put in a fair amount of young adult books that are very popular (from my daughter), so could be that. But I’m into some other books and nada. I had previous had a seller account and made a ton selling books, but that was years ago and they suspended the account. Now it takes an act of God to reinstate it or get a new one. But that is $40/month to do so if you are in a pinch - maybe not the best way. My plan is just to sell for a month and then deactivate.