Raccoon nation expands to airport

The thing is, while I’m sure Pearson is a big draw for raccoons because of the restaurant garbage, it’s also in the middle of a lot of not-racoon-friendly industrial area.


There are hotels along Airport to the east, along with a convention centre, at least a couple of restaurants along Derry to the north, and a whole bunch of stuff along Dixie to the west. They probably didn’t come from the south across the 401.

I can think of a few places that they could have easily come from.

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There must be lot of garbage skips around there. But there’s not much else in terms of habitat. They’d have to live like dog-sized rodents even more than they already do elsewhere.

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Maine woman attacked by raccoon drowns rabid animal in puddle


The dead raccoon was retrieved by Borch’s dad, who packed it into a Taste of the Wild dog food bag

Very nice choice of detail there. :laughing: