Redoubtable Downtown Space Abbey - Public Ledger

“Botheration,” breathes Eudaemonia, cradling her face in one hand as she sorts through her correspondence with the other. Perhaps she drank too many toasts in honor of the newly crowned Queen Catherine at the Leviathan Club… but how can one refuse to celebrate the monarchy? If only that whipwhiskey hadn’t been so… potent.

It was a good thing, she muses, that she finished the missives to her prospective beaus before she began drinking. The letters await only her seal and postage… and one final review of spelling and grammar.

She has high hopes for her communications with that dear Mr. Liversnaps-Greyson. He cut such a fine figure during the dance, and they did seem to find a moment of accord. Her other letter is a bit more daring-- perhaps even a touch audacious-- to approach a person she did not place on her dance card. Yet Mr. Milkthistle displayed himself well at the event, and they seemed to have more in common than she’d originally perceived. It could well be worth the risk of being considered forward to make the gentlesentient’s acquaintance.

Now to other matters of obligation. New Prussia continues to rattle its sabers, threatening war. It simply shall not do to limit one’s contribution to war bonds alone. Yet how best to serve? She ponders the matter, cautious as always, taking into account her knowledge and abilities. It would be hubris to assume that one’s capability to command is established by throwing quantities of money at the position. She will start at the bottom and work her way up. That alone proves one’s worth. But which branch? Let others seek glory in sailing through space. Eudaemonia will stay to defend her community planet-side.

(Besides, she hasn’t quite forgotten how her last voyage off-planet rendered her desperately and violently space-sick. It’s not an experience she’d choose to repeat.)

Finally, she looks at donations. So many worthy causes to choose from… Ego be hanged! One doesn’t need their name on a sign to know one’s worth. The important thing is supporting her fellow gentlesentients. So she will help as many as her funds allow, even if it costs her recognition. Duty demands it.

Write 1 Liversnaps-Greyson
Write 2 Jasper Milkthistle
Commission Space Hussars Ensign
Donate 1 200
Donate 3 200
Donate 4 200
Wager Grumblewhacket 1


Donate 3 500
Write 1 Eighth
Write 2 Madeline Penumbra
Wager Poseidon’s Noose 90
Buy Dr. Arbuckle’s Whipweed Tonic Wine
BuyMs. Merrimoose’s Soothing Syrup
Buy Franklin Gooseberry’s Remarkable Colloidal Seryl
Commission Ensign Space Hussars

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DONATE 1 400
DONATE 4 400
WRITE 1 Harriet Codsworth
WRITE 2 Henry Argyle
WAGER 150 on Matilda's Purse

Donate 3 521
Commission Lieutenant Space Hussars 700
Write 1 Ssskidwish (indicating a level of strategic interest)
Write 2 Oblate Spheroid (indicating a level circle of a sphere forming a great circle)


Write 1 Chewseen
Write 2 Melisande Copse
Donate 2 400
Wager 30 Matilda’s Purse


Orders for ‘Turn 8’ will begin below at a later date.


Declare Charlotte Branchwit

A tasting menu prepared by acclaimed chef, Spaceman Blanc

Course 1 100 Sand fish caviar, wheat toast
Course 2 100 Cured space eel, blue algae foam, whipweed tuile
Course 3 100 Truffled Proximan hen’s egg, Sirian mushroom tea, Venusian truffle demi sauce
Course 4 150 Capricornish brill, scallop, wasabi, cucumber
Course 5 200 Roast suckling lagoderm, apple, walnut, prune ketchup
Course 6 150 Mimasian Blood orange carpaccio with honey wine
Course 7 100 Cygnan Chocolate mousse, charyblis butterscotch sauce, almond crème glacée

Served with aperitif, wine pairings and digestif.

Invite @hadley
Invite @donald_petersen


Dick, have my best suit pressed, we’re having a dinner party!

Declare @eighth

Course 1 £100 Unwrapped Cheesy Slices and Cheese-flavoured Crackers
Course 2 £100 Jellied Salt-flavoured Ramen
Course 3 £200 Curried Tinned Sandfish in Gel
Course 4 £200 Great-Grandmother Dipswitch’s 100-year-old Perfection Salad
Course 5 £100 Chopped Tinned Veg in Brine
Course 6 £100 Spaghetti Pie a la Marinara
Course 7 £100 Ice Cream Ramen with Leftover Melon
Course 8 £100 Dr Arbuckle’s Whipweed Tonic Cocktails

Invite @fintastic
Invite @nightflyer

Buy Dr. Arbuckle's Whipweed Tonic Wine
Buy Ms. Merrimoose's Soothing Syrup
Buy Franklin Gooseberry's Remarkable Colloidal Seryl
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Admiral James Riptide has requested that, as the United Federation of Oceans and Seas (UFOS) attache to the local Well Organized and Regulated Militias (WORMs), I host a briefing for Weatherby’s latest and greatest military strategists, Dragoon Lieutenants Damerl Capstanturnbuckle and Heinz Franksenketchup, MD, PHD, JD, on the UFOS threat assessment of New Prussian forces.

Declare Admiral James Riptide
invite @pogo
invite @old

Course 0 £0 "Revellie - nothing served"
Course 1 £50 "Continental Shelf Breakfast - scones and croissaints with butter and jellyfish"
Course 2 £50 "Second Shelf Breakfast - Starfishbucks coffee and New Danish danishes"
Course 3 £100 "Elevensies - 'Eggs Rothchild' (poached lizard eggs over Brummel muffins with New Hollandaise sauce) "
Course 4 £-FREE "SPONSORED LUNCH - Impossible Langoburgers sponsored by McFranksenketchup's*" 
Course 5 £25 "Afternoon Tea - EARL GREY, HOT"
Course 6 £150 "Dinner - Chef Piker's daily catch"
Course 7 £100 "Supper - locally sourced non-sentient pickled herring smørrebrød certified by Portland, Oregon"
Course 8 £75 "Retreat - The Three Marines (One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer)"



Declare @Tom_Ratchetcrank
invite @daneel
invite @ghoti
Course 1 66 Beans Three Ways
Course 2 66 Beans, Rustic Tableside
Course 3 66 Beans, Aerated, Black
Course 4 66 Beans, Amazonian, Sentient?
Course 5 66 Green Been Sorbet Palate Cleanser
Cousre 6 66 Red Bean Soup
Commission Lieutenant Space Dragoons
Rent Fashionable Apt

That country trip was so globbing inspiring Tom, it really reminded me of my roots. You’re going to love this.

Beans Three Ways, paired with a crisp, sparkling white. Like this just brings me back! Those memories of getting so hungry, and then finding these beauties in the cubbard. BAM just a perfect trio of beans.

Beans, Rustic; Tableside, paired with a nice Chardonnay. Like every one likes fire right? Doesn’t this remind you of a perfect night under the stars? Man camping is wonderful when done right.

Beans, Aerated, Black, paired with an earthy pinot noir. Like this one is about the essance of the bean. So smooth. So dark. Just feel it.

Beans, Amazonian, Sentient? Paired with a big Cabernet. Before I settled on Weatherby I found the most curious bean in the Amazonian system. You see you had to sing to these beans before they would let you harvest them. Very mysterious and so much flavor!

Green Been Sorbet Palate Cleanser. Paired with a fun apple liquor. Well like y’ll need a break for your mouth sometimes. super refreshing and clean.

Red Bean Soup paired with a It’s like dessert I guess! Very sweet. We’ll have a glass of port afterward.


That menu is like music to my ears.


I hear that


Declare Oblate Spheroid
Course 1 100 “Test Tubers”
Course 2 100 “Not-much-genetically-modified Spam”
Course 3 100 “Finger Sandwiches”
Course 4 100 “Turducken - My most delicious experiment”
Course 5 100 “Hurlenmeyers”
Course 6 100 “Charred Bunsens”
Course 7 100 “Pea Tree Dish”
Course 8 100 “Pie Pets”
Course 10 100 “Toad in the Whole”
Invite @gwwar
Invite @MrMonkey


Declare @liversnaps-grayson
Invite @gwwar
Invite @ghoti

Eudaemonia watched as the final preparations for her banquet were completed. It was, perhaps, a bit of a risk to attempt a formal dinner in a picnic setting, but Weatherby was enjoying such lovely weather this season. Who would choose to be cooped up inside on such a brilliantly sunny day? And, she hoped, the more relaxed atmosphere of a picnic might serve to soothe any nerves felt by her intended… and her own.

The largest of the tents assembled on the grounds of Bedlam’s Bower was reserved for the dinner party. Its white canopy would protect the guests from the worst heat of the sun, while its open sides would let in the gentle breezes. (And delicately concealed sonic repellers would bar unwelcome insects from intruding upon the feast.) Inside, cushions and the softest blankets she could acquire provided picnic-style lounging as they dined.

The second tent was not quite as large, and its sides were drawn down to hide the activity of the cooks and servants, who would bring each course to the dining pavilion á la russe. Eudaemonia had high hopes that the chefs would strike the proper balance between the somewhat simpler menu and the gourmet tastes required for such a meal.

The third, smallest tent was for the musicians. The three-man band were setting up their instruments now, so her guests’ meal would be accompanied by neoclassical melodies, with the slightest influence of jazz.

She perused the menu one last time. Hopefully her visitors would be bringing healthy appetities…

Beverage: Spritzers of blended white wine, hibiscus tea, and lemonade, presented in glass pitchers for a more casual impression

Course 1 50 seasonal fruit slices (various melons and berries) mingled with creamy cheeses, served on golden skewers

Course 2 75 Devilled eggs on prosciutto folded upon squares of toast

Course 3 75 Nopales soup (cactus and avocado, lightly spiced, served with a single quail egg in each bowl)

Course 4 125 Crab cakes prepared in the style of the ancient kingdom of Baltimore

Course 5 75 Pesto pasta salad with the freshest snap peas, tomatoes and oregano

Course 6 150 Savory fried chicken, with a crisp outer coating, yet moist inside, seasoned with what her cook swore to her was a most secret and ancient blend of seventeen herbs and spices

Course 7 50 Blood orange-cranberry sorbet with thyme, as a palate cleanser

Course 8 60 Apple Waldorf salad in a tangy yogurt dressing, with sprinkled blue cheese and chickpeas

Course 9 250 Barbecued pork ribs, slow-cooked for hours, presented with whipped baby redskin potatoes

Course 10 75 'Smores (what an odd name for that confection of delicate mounds of marshmallow fluff, drizzled with both sweet milk and bittersweet dark chocolate, set upon squares of Graham crackers so lightly toasted that they dissolved upon the tongue. But Cook insisted that was the traditional name for such a thing, as strange as it sounded) accompanied by the thick, rich coffee imported from Risa


Declare Lizzy Heliotrope
Course 1 50 Edible Dormice is a honey sesame Glaze
Course 2 50 Chilled Ginger-Watermelon Soup with candied mint
Course 3 100 Birch Bark salad with bear hair lichen topping
Course 4 200 Grilled Sand Fish served artfully on a nest of whipweed stalks
Course 5 100 Creme Brulee with a dark Rum sauce
Course 6 200 Flight of MacMackey McMichael (15, 18 and 25)
Invite @David_Falkayn
Invite @Hadley


Indeed Duchess, it has been the highlight of my time on Weatherby, but it was not the countryside I found inspiring.


A notice appears in the Leviathan Club:

Declare Ssskidwish
Course 1 100 “While mingling, Chapek 9 Duchesses served with Unfermented Seryl Juice to whet the appetite”
Course 2 50  “Once seated, White soup, Consomme Antarean, served with White Oil Fillip”
Course 3 50  “Sterno Nicoise, Sandfish And Bloaters Aux Fines Herbes, served with 0W-20 Whipweed Oil”
Course 4 100 “To Curry After the India Manner, Roast Stubble Servos, Pontifical Springs, served with 5W-20 Whipweed Oil”
Course 5 100 “Stewed Space Eels, Sauce Matelote, Space Eels A La Tartare, Space Eels On The Spit, Sandfish On The Plate, served with 10W-20 Whipweed Oil”
Course 6 100 “Drone Au Choux, Tough Old Fowl, Quadrirotor à La Marseilles, served with 5W-30 Whipweed Oil”
Course 7 125 “Spiced Pressed Lagoderm, Fillet De Lagodérm à La Mirande, served with 10W-30 Whipweed Oil”
Course 8 175 “Rivet Tartlets, Cossack Molybdenum Disulfide Pudding, A Trifle with Whipt Syllabub, Wonders, served with a refreshing Light Crude Oil”
Course 9 21  “BenderBrau while indulging in an Oil Bath”
Invite @gwwar
Invite @David_Falkayn

“Tough Old Fowl”


St-Patrick-Hartbrooke sends out his invites, along with an apology for the carnivorous nature of the meal; it is simply the Taaa’keeen tradition, due to their natural diet, to only serve meat and little else at their dinner affairs.

Declare Madeline Penumbra
Invite @Donald_Petersen
Invite @Wisconsin_Platt
Course 1 050£ Hors d'oeuvres: Bacon-wrapped salamander tournedos; paired with a Rosé Champagne
Course 2 025£ Soy and green lentil soup, paired with a Zinfandel
Course 3 100£ Catfish and pasta salad, served cold, paired with a Pinot Grigio
Course 4 100£ Lobster tails w/ clarified butter, paired with a Chardonnay
Course 5 200£ Charred elk steak, paired with a Syrah
Course 6 100£ Cutlets of hart, hunted from the Hartbrooke woods, paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon
Course 7 050£ Chocolate lava cakes, paired with an off-dry Riesling
Course 8 050£ Tea and krówki

…and Ssskidwish just waits at the spaceport for the return of the Ambassador’s flagship. It’s weeks overdue.