Redoubtable Downtown Space Abbey - Public Ledger

What’s that? Purchasing a Pokeman Botnet? I knew I should keep my eye on you.

Whats that @Rockford_Julius? BONNET. Oh, sorry. Carry on, Carrssy, terrible misunderstanding.


Invest 1 724
Buy Cloche Hat
Buy Charming Fan
Attend 3

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I would go out tonight
But I haven’t got a stitch to wear
This fan said "It’s gruesome
That someone so handsome should care"

This charming fan
This charming fan

A jumped-up air pusher
That never knew its place

hmmmm.hmmm. hmm hmm

I say, I cannot wait until next Tuesday at Levithan


Invest 2 335
Attend 3
Buy Provocative Novel
Buy Cloche Hat


Bustling to and fro seeking the most fashionable of gatherings, it is unlikely any gentlesentient of Weatherby happened to glance skyward as a small shooting star arced across the night sky. Busier still in lively conversation, perhaps but a few registered a slight vibration in the soles of their shoes as a distant thud shook the terrafirma…

A short time later, walking measuredly with a kindly smile and slight bow to each sentient, organic or otherwise, that he passes, Cmdr. Damerl Capstanturnbuckle enters the room in a manner wholly in-congruent with a sentient who is the sole survivor a just wrecked starship.

My dearest fellow citizens of Weatherby, I humbly stand before you awed to be in such fine company. I do so hope you will pardon my tardy arrival; though fine was our ship and smooth the sailing, the way proved to be of a course slightly longer than anticipated.

Now, as the hour has grown late, I am very much afraid I must tend to business first and enjoin your pleasant company second.

I hear reports our first trade expedition was not as profitable as had been hoped; more the pity, Capstanbuckles have always had such providence plying the stars. Would that I could send a second at this time, for back when I was a schoolboy, if I lost an arrow I would try to find it by shooting another arrow in the same direction, watching the second arrow more carefully than I had the first. By risking the second arrow, I’d often get both of them back! Ah, yes then, this is the ledger? Very well, hmmmmmmmm… Perhaps those wags in R&D can come up with a way to find my ship… Aha! Splashdown, that’s a good one certainly today… and oh, dear, this bicorn does seem a bit shabby (brushing a small remnant of space squid from it…)

Invest 3 300
Attend 2
Wager Splashdown 44
Buy Silk Bowler
Buy Lacquer SnuffBox

That should do, yes, that should do fine!



Everyone has made their plans for the spring season. How won-won-wonderful! And summer is just around the corner.


Please note! Orders for ‘Turn 3 - Pomp and Promenade’ begin below.


INVEST 1 200
WAGER Bonnet O’Bees 15
BUY Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal


St-Patrick-Hartbrooke signs the cheque with a flourish. Well, to be perfectly honest, he signs everything with a flourish, but his contribution to the cooperative medical fund especially so. His single-minded pursuit of rank over profit has left him a little short on the funding department — especially with that thrice-damned patent under interminable review — but civic duty demands that he contribute his fair share to the fund, no matter the fiscal consequences.

Of course, his monetary situation isn’t helped by the fact that he is hiring a physician to arrest the slide of his deteriorating health. Still, neither rank nor money will be of any use to him if he won’t be alive to spend it. And, while he has faith that God will answer his prayers and restore his health, the Lord is certainly not above using mundane means to do so. Aaaakzeee will not let himself be the proverbial man surrounded by floodwater, praying for rescue while he turns away the two boats and the ornithopter that God has sent to answer those prayers.

Taking his cue from the sign God has sent him through his illness, he also decides to invest his money on worthier projects than interplanetary commerce and trinkets; he will instead contribute to the community with the remainder of his funds, and forego purchasing anything for himself. Certainly, he will cease indulging the vile habit of gambling that had ensnared him in previous seasons.

The Taaa’keee just hopes that his illness will subside in time for the polo match; he is quite looking forward to getting some exercise after spending so much time shut-in.

INVEST 1 213

[EDIT: Corrected from past to present tense]


Well grandmother wrote and scolded me for not having my own butler. She said that any respectable space lizards should have her own butler. So I guess I will have to employ one.
And I will never earn my place in this new society if I don’t invest in the common good. So I will have to contribute a respectable amount. Apparently the average amount to contribut is $150 so I will certainly do a little more than that to show that I am above average.
But papa says I must continue to invest in my business propositions so I better start checking out the competition. I will invest in some finer accoutrements so that everyone can see how well I am doing.


Invest 3 365

Attend 2

HIRE butler

95£ Copperbound Ledgerf
150£ Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal
25£ Penny Dreadful
15£ Franklin Gooseberry’s Remarkable Colloidal Seryl



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[you feel generous]



Dear Public Ledger,

What did I just READ?


Like OMG what the fudge? <pleasing hum> you gotta tell us moreee AND like look at all that cash you donated for the gross sick people. You are FABULOUS! What a hero. Like, I’ll totally pitch in too. If folks don’t come around, I’ll have to edit this entry to donate even more BEANS!

But where was I? Anyway, like I totally, went to that class with the hot agriculture prof, ladies you know what I’m talking about!!! But the weirdest thing was I actually like learned something! Beans can totally be, like sisters or some junk with whipweed. Just grow em together, on the same patch, and it’s like magic! They’re like totally helping each other. So sweet.

Now, it was a bummer that I didn’t get that invitation to go like ride on a Lagoderm and poke a dumb ball around with a stick, but I’m totally an ace :sparkles: at badminton. Watch OUT. Like literally WATCH OUT.

Just look at what happens when I do trick shots:

Contribute 250
Wager Sausage King 55
Invest 2 400
Buy Copperbound Ledger
Buy Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal
Buy Penny Dreadful
Rent Spartan Apartment
Attend 2

Liv sighs, setting off another coughing fit, which is joined in chorus from the apartment next door. He could use a doctor, but it’s not so bad as other peoples’. Yet. The last thing he needs right now is to make it worse. Some might say that a cramped apartment in the city would be the worst thing for him, what with a country manor waiting and all, but he’ll be damned if he’s spending another second there that he doesn’t have to. The city is… better.

The crew down at the Leviathan want to do a whip-round to pull some assistance together for getting in some hospital ships. Not a bad plan, but Liv knows from experience that “plague” could be “the thing holding back the worse thing”.

He runs the numbers again and smiles. He could hire himself a physician, but that would only do him any good. Personal physicians tend to be snotty. On the other hand, the shop is bringing in enough cash, and if he gets someone eager to make a difference and hires them on as Company Physician – in-house doctor makes for a nice employment perq. He can spin it two ways, too, depending on the crowd he’s in: it’s either a magnanimous gesture from a good-hearted philanthropist, or it’s a shrewd business decision that saves on widows and orphans pensions, not to mention time lost due to employees being out sick.

A source at city-hall has tipped him off that the colony is going to be funding some new public works through bond purchases – the advertising order should come in next week. Provided it doesn’t turn into some politician’s private slush fund or some pork-barrelling mess, it’s not a bad idea. As an investor, he’ll have more of an inside track – and as a newspaperman, he’ll be an incentive for them to stay on the straight and narrow.

Speaking of advertisements, there’s some good sales on this week. He could use some new reading material, and this account book is pretty much done for. If there’s any time left over, he’ll RSVP this badminton game on the weekend, Heck, maybe he’ll even see if Marty’s got the time and the inclination for a little OT and can swing by to get some photos. Kid’s a whiz with the action shots and he’s heard the “duchess” Gummibuns will be there, and it’s not like her to avoid a little publicity.

If only he can get rid of this cough.

Contribute: 150

Copperbound Ledger
Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal (always good for a laugh, those guys, and some good op-ed fodder for the Ledger).
Penny Dreadful – maybe it can help chase away the nightmares, or at least help him stay awake.

Hire Physician (official employer: Weatherby Post-Ledger)

Invest 1: 425

Attend 2 (bring photographer).


Such wonderful examples being set by our leading citizens. I can only do my part:


While waiting for the ships to get here, glad to see the authorities seeing the value in Colloidal Seryl

 BUY Franklin Gooseberry's Remarkable Colloidal Seryl

Croquet in the summer is always such a delight


Of course, must keep up with what is happening

BUY Copperbound Ledger 
BUY  Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal 
BUY Penny Dreadful 

and “mind the store”

Invest 2 248

Invest 3 338
Attend 2
Buy Copperbound Ledger
Buy Subscription
Buy Penny Dreadful

Oh come on pleasing hum, are you just trying to make the rest of us look bad. Now my contribution looks downright paltry.



Our leading citizens have risen to the challenge, providing Mayor Tidewell with the capacity to secure improved medical technology from Britannica Prime.

1,277 < pleasing hum > @manwich
263 Mr. Julius Rothschild Karekin @David_Falkayn
250 Duchess Gummibunns @gwwar
250 Lady Jane @penguinchris

These upright citizens demonstrated that Quality is the Vanguard of the Commonweal

50 Lt. Erythro Brummell (ret)
150 Aaaakzeee St-Patrick-Hartbrooke III
160 Elizabeth Mary Farnsworth VI

At Your Service,

Mr. Julius Rothschild Karekin

Julius Formal







[ coughs and wheezes pitifully ]

That Dick is always off somewhere when I need him. Is he tending my sandfish? Perhaps gadding about with his new best friend, that young ward of Piker’s? Must I tend to my errands on my own?

[ pulls himself out of bed with a groan, finds a pen and paper on the desk, starts scribbling a list ]

Hmmmm, I have seen news of late that enough funds have been contributed towards the mayor’s plague-eradication fund… too late for me, but it’s a relief to be able to spend my income elsewhere. Perhaps I can afford to keep a physician on call now, especially with Dick off who-knows-where, sowing his wild whipweed, so to speak… perhaps I can make a new investment as well… and of course the lagoderms are running and goodness knows I can’t miss an opportunity for chance…

[ coughs, then wheezes loudly, while reading a stack of invitations that had arrived a few days previously ]

I wonder if I just need some fresh air and conversation with my fellow gentlesentients… it’s feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been out.

Invest 1 215
Hire Physician
Buy Copperbound Ledger
Subscribe to Weatherby Journal
Attend 2
Wager 20 Spacebiscuit

[ drops the pen on the desk and crawls back into bed ]


Goodness, I step out for but a minute to buy a paper, and upon my return my humming friend has made a most generous contribution to the health and welfare of the entire Weatherby System. Well done, I say!

Of course, this does have the ring of ruse about it, but I’ll just have to take that chance. Ah, the risks I run for the betterment of our new world.

INVEST 2 635
WAGER Southpaw 10
BUY Copperbound Ledger
BUY Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal
BUY Penny Dreadful


Igor! Igor. Get down to the race windows and place 10 £ on Southpaw for me. I had earmarked that money for your mother’s medicine, but she’s a leftie herself, and I have a good feeling about this. Just think. If I win, she can have her medicine, AND I can have a new tea cozy.

Yes, Master.

And Igor…

Yes, Master?

You are the obverse of a lagoderm’s front end. Completely, you are.

Thank you Master.


Eudaemonia drops her accounts book to the table with perhaps more force than needed. Such fits of temper are unseemly, but really, it is too much. The nerve of some people… while it may be true that the contribution goal has been reached, it is the duty and honor of any decent gentlesentient to give to the betterment of all, and quite presumptuous of a certain party to exceed his proper place and attempt to exclude further donations. Any business-sentient with sense knows full well that complications will inevitably arise, and therefore set aside a certain reserve accordingly. Extra funds should be welcomed… unless, of course, one wishes to obtain the lion’s share of glory for oneself. How arrogant. With an indignant sniff, she signs her donation cheque with an extra flourish. If only she could give more… but with her most recent income stream tied up in the dratted patent process, she must forbear.

Her civic obligation completed, she turns to business. She really must try to make up for last season’s shortcomings. As Weatherby prospers, its industry must develop apace… yes. A prudent investment there shall surely draw a healthy dividend.

Now for her social calendar… ah, badminton! All modesty aside, she acquitted herself rather well at the sport during her sojourn at university. And she still has her racquet at Bedlam’s Bower. That will be a lovely way to enjoy the season’s fair weather.

Shopping time… it would only be prudent to subscribe to the Journal for further information on current events. She does not yet require another ledger. That penny dreadful is quite the temptation, though. And another bottle of tonic should stave off illness until the mission of mercy brings back results. Besides, it’s quite tasty. And perhaps one more wager on the lagomorphs. It’s hardly a dignified use of funds… but it is exciting, and last week it paid off.

Contribute 150
Invest 2 400
Attend 2
Buy subscription
Buy penny dreadful
Buy Dr. Arbuckle’s Whipwood Tonic Wine
Wager Juniper Breeze 15