Roundup: Politicians vs. Democracy

It seems like politicians all over are getting more blatant in their attacks on the people and system that gave them their power to start with. I thought I would start a round up of the most headshakingly egregious.


Remember when the rule was to avoid even the appearance of improper use of the office?


What a great (if that’s the right word) example.

Obviously several someones have forgotten the difference between “winning” and “serving”. Bad enough the Congress critter did it, but the banker should have had the brains to think, “oh wait, so long as this person does their job properly what they do on their own time is none of my damn business”.

The article discusses the extent of legal action there could be against the politician, but not the laws around the bank practising paternalism. I know of a few HR reps who would be making sure their paperwork was in order over something like this.

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All that civics class/democracy stuff is like Santa Claus to them—a childish illusion that they’ve grown out of, but can still use to manipulate those who are less “advanced” in their thinking.


Because heaven forbid a Senator show any respect to a constituent asking him a question about his public service. :rage: Hopefully, the student whose phone was snatched will file charges against this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: “gentleman.”