So who do we elect in something something?

For all our Residential contenders and their various contendings.


Only 16 more months of this stuff…


Washington insiders covering the horse race, and the primaries in oh so important states like Iowa and New Hampshire, and every little pivot to win this demographic or that demographic.

Me watching six hours of stultifying “debate” over the past couple of days, knowing that’s what it takes to be an informed citizen, while also knowing that the voters deciding the election are uninformed parasites who know next to nothing.


If it splits the Republican vote against Sanders, great.

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Bret Stephens misses a thing…

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So, after finding out about this:

I watched Sen. Sanders interviewed on LNwSC, and was very impressed. It was especially odd that earlier that day, I’d gotten a text from the local Warren for President group inviting me to a watch party for the upcoming Democratic debate. I said I had social anxiety disorder which made it difficult to be around folks I don’t know (which is true). And I thought that was the end of it.

So after watching Bernie, I decided to support him. Then I got another text about “showing support” and I was…uhhhhh, um, “Thank you, I’ll think about it!” or words to that effect.

But I’ll have to tell them the truth eventually (I type with mock regret).


Someone may’ve already pointed this out somewhere, but he’s the archetype of the grandfather/father figure, the one teacher throughout school, the man down the street - who didn’t tell us we were dumb kids when we were kids; who listened to us if nothing else; who treated us like human beings, not sub-adults. That’s a powerful thing.


Who he?

Senator Bernie Sanders.

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Please explain why the same can’t be said of Joe Biden.

He could’ve been the same but…I don’t know, the nibbling of his wife’s fingers? The challenging of a man at one of his rallies to arm-wrestle (or whatever it may’ve been). His stance on cannabis/marijuana.

Biden reminds me of the “funny uncle,” whom kids are told not to be alone with.


I don’t know. Neither my father, nor his father would have gone for cannabis legalization, though my father was an older generation than Bernie. So I don’t know how typical he is.


My dad was born in 1923, so same generation as your dad. His dad was born in 1900 and died when I was going on 2 in 1966. I know my dad would’ve been okay with it; Grandpa mayyybe; he was very deep, from what I have been told, into Spanish culture, due to his service in the USMC as a horse soldier stationed on Hispanola in WWII. He was also an alcoholic who eventually quit, but not soon enough (smoking tobacco in various forms got him too, plus having an aortal aneurysm to boot, which appears to be genetic in males in his line).

I had uncles of the same generation; my mom had six older sisters and two older brothers (there’s one sibling left, a sister, the youngest of them all, still alive); she was born in 1926. I had an uncle, my Uncle Dick, who was not one, lol, and Bernie reminds me of him. And my uncle was Roman Catholic, was a conscientious objector in WWII, and had realllly bad rheumatoid arthritis. And he never treated me like a kid.

So maybe he is that sort of archetype to me, personally. And maybe to a lot of other people. Just because I see it that way doesn’t mean every one else will, I certainly don’t expect that.

All of what I write, truly, unless I specify a source, is either: a) my not-so-humble opinion (about the only thing I’m not humble about, hahaha); or b) in jest.

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I pretty clearly remember my uncles making light of the Anita Hill hearings and joking about not being able to joke. Given Uncle Joe’s role in pillorying Hill (and handing the blueprints to the Republicans for the Blasey Ford hearings), I guess I can say the same thing about Biden.


I give up, I can’t seem to trust any of them as much as I wish I could.

I mean, I realize they can’t exert total control over the people who work for them, but SHEEZUS PLEEZUS, the Democrats are getting as bad as the Republicans. Fuckin’-a, man.


Here are some thoughts that will make you mad.

The more you know…